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Blue Avians via Ute Posegga-Rudel, August 7



When the Blue Avians are contacting me, it happens in the heart, as a warm, soft touch and I recognize their presence. I am telling this because who could think of an A.I. creation that feels warm and would touch us directly in the heart.

The touch feels very familiar to me and appears to be an old memory. This alone brings tears to my eyes. Like I would meet family.

It is interesting, I discover more and more family in the universe, obviously from places, galaxies and stars where I have been existing on my journey through the cosmos, learning and experiencing, discovering and evolving in understanding denser realities and painful separation. To understand the nature of creation, consciousness and how it expands and differentiates in different places and dimensions.

While I am writing this, the soft touch in my heart continues and becomes even more intense, like a kind of confirmation. I am an explorer of possibilities. And bring these, as member of a dedicated group, to all kinds of star civilizations to help them to evolve. Who knows whether already now in parallel worlds. ‘Yes’, it says.

The Blue Avians now tell me, that I am here on this planet, to study this place – with all its highest possible heights of ecstasy and joy and love to the lowest possible deep of sorrow, desperation and terror, – which is only possible if one fully incarnates here. Besides that, it is a very lonely journey here in this place. I am also here as a messenger to bring their spiritual presence into the awareness of humanity.

This is not, they say, to be our new gods, but to remind us of an old relationship humanity once had with them. They say:

“We have been always friends with humanity. Especially at the time before the fall of consciousness. We have been eager during all these millenniums to reconnect with humanity, as soon as you wake up sufficiently.

Now is the time when you will remember this connection in your heart. We are like fuel to help you to awaken and return to your heart, where you once came from. We inspire you to release your sole identification with the thinking mind and return to the greater intelligence of the heart.

Our message is brief: Humanity, you are on your right path. In the near future things will happen that will bring you together, helping you to unite and rediscover unity and love for one another. Whatever will happen on your planet, it is not to confuse you but to unite you more profoundly than ever before. To rediscover your happiness at heart, when you leave the old ways of alienation from one another behind for good and find new and great energy and joy joining together as the one human family that you always have been.

We are here to reflect this to you, we are from this moment on the helping presence for you to remember who you are. Not as your spiritual leaders, but as your friends who did not loose what you once lost.”

This is the end of their message.

Much love!
In La´Kech,

“The Blue Avians: Unite as the One Human Family,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, August 6, 2015, at

Source Link: Ute Posegga-Rudel Messages from the Realms of Light

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