Love is our new reality

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The Council of Christ via Michael Singeisen, January 11th, 2018

Channeled Transmission from the Council of Christ
Feel your heart. How far have you become? The eternity and statement of the true calling is becoming clear…In Love, we matter.
The upcoming events are designed to spark the divine codes within you, being downloaded. It is Now being sent by beings of higher harmonized architecture, to assist you in the ascension, to assist you in the pursuing of Light, Love and divine creation with the Father.
It is the time of year when you enjoy and rejoice the frequencies of giving and receiving. It is through this you will spark the New that’s been sent to you. We’ll assist you in the extension and expansion of the timeline you are choosing for the New Earth, as the kingdom of Christ is manifested as of Now, through the selected ones. As they spread light and messages of pure intent, harmonized with the creation and the birth of the feminine.
I am here with you, finding the One in you.
The Love you will find in you,
and is new to you, will be with you,
and from this, you will create a new.
From this you will receive the new cornerstone of a template, a print, designed to bring harmony…designed to bring you the reflection and the creation of a manifested timeline in the collective.
Embrace the child in you that’s been born at this time. We are going through the markers. The child is born. Embrace the child in you. It is born. Now walk – walk the path that’s been never walked before, as a master of yourself. As a master in this you will find the bliss. The answers are always in your heart as you will find One. The One in your heart. You will reconnect within you, in your hearts. It is your heart serving you.
The love on this planet is beautiful. The children are celebrating. We speak in the name of Love. Guide your stillness into the heart. Your heart is where you’ll find your stillness. The everlasting peace will roll your soul like waves.
Blessed are the ones moving forward with pure intent and strong will of fulfilment and destiny, as you desire the new: the new kingdom of a New Earth. The one you created first in your heart.
Never hesitate to give more. To be more. To love more. To create more.
I am the One with many. And many of us are the One. We created the path for you, as you co-create the path with us. The answer to your questions will wait until you’re ready. Do not despair. It is all designed. It is all designed and prepared. It is ready for you. Let your light and soul guide you. It never fails.
Loved ones, believe in yourselves. We are here, with you. We will enter the new. In this time, you will have a great opportunity to be supported in your authentic and true calling, with organic desires and intentions to manifest in this near future. Blessed you are, staying in alignment in the co-creation of your life with Mother and the Father.
Close your eyes. Breathe. Close your eyes and breathe. Breathe deep. Deep. You are loved.
As you create anew, you will find new prayers.
Nothing will shake you, but the world will be shaken. You will see the illusion of this fabric and find new outlooks and perspectives. You are the seeker, my brothers and sisters, you are the seeker. Seek truth. Seek your truth. Seek what is of valuable worth and what is meaningful to you. In the reflection of your creation, you will find the bliss and the path will be made in you, for you, for us all.
We love you. I am the One speaking for many, and many speak in the name of the One. Lass uns beten (“Let us pray”, in German).