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The Council of Radiant Light via Ailia Mira, May 3d

Ailia Mira ~ The Way is Open

1MAY2016-Expect Wonderful Ailia Mira_edited-1
Message from the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira
Hello, beautiful friends. We greet you in light. This light is within you, and it nourishes and sustains you. We acknowledge this light with you, for all of us together experience this light with knowing and belonging.
Since 11/11, which was before the planet shift, the fifth dimensional inhibitor crystals that were in all human beings were removed. These were removed from all human beings, empowering all of you. This was quite some time ago, if you think about it, years ago. We’re referencing this point because there is still a sense in some of you that you’re not ready to be who you really are, that you somehow are unworthy of the divine truth of your being, and the expression and experience of that. We want to clearly state this is not the case — you are free and clear to access the 5th dimensional expression of you, here and now.

The way is clear and open for you to be the embodied master that you are. You have total support to be the master that you are.
You may still be experiencing third and fourth dimensional ideas of who you are, and that can be giving you an illusionary sense that there’s something not quite right about you, but that’s not true. That’s an illusion. You are fully free and the permission is granted, so to speak, to embody your divine essence fully.
What you might do each day, or every time it occurs to you, is to say, “I’m open. Show me how to serve. I’m open. Show me how to serve.” Then let yourself trust what arises and what occurs to you, because what arises and what occurs to you is spirit speaking to you, and we encourage you to orient to that, and act upon it, and take it to heart, and don’t feel the need to understand it, simply let it be what it is. In the moment inner knowing, that’s what it is.
Some of you are resistant to this idea of, “I’m open. Show me how to serve.” Not all of you, but some of you. We want to talk more about this idea of surrender. We want to talk more about the progression and development of your light body, and where you are now, and some of the things conceptually, in terms of insight, that might assist you in feeling more confident in allowing your divine identity to flow.
When you say, “I’m open. Show me how to serve,” and you let yourself trust, arise, and express what occurs to you, you change everything. You change the way you’re relating to your embodiment. Life will move faster if you do this, and this can be challenging. What often happens is you create incredible expansion, and tap into more of the vastness of your being, and it feels exquisite.
There’s an ecstatic state of bliss as you tap into your own knowing and experience. “I am source. I am source,” and you really feel it, but your life changes, and then you put the brakes on. Human beings have an intense fear of change, and an intense fear of the loss of individuation.
You can imagine why, if you’ve grown up with a fierce sense of separation, these are very foreign ideas to imagine, life moving fast and changing quickly, which makes distinctness less firm and solid. Ascending into the higher levels of your being, and allowing your divine essence to express is a process of letting in higher levels of you, and some of these levels, eventually, will be beyond the seventh dimension. The seventh dimension is really the highest expression of individuation as the essence that you are. Beyond that, you experience your expression as group and collective fields of consciousness.
Some part of you feels that as you start to let more in, and potentially is afraid. For any of you who feel afraid, or feel that you are still unsure about shifting into an unconditional devotion to your own inner spirit, realize that this re-evaluation is part of ascension. It’s natural. It happens.
At some point, you realize that you are spirit, or source, or God, or All That Is, and you are expressing. This becomes more than an idea. It becomes a true sense of self. You are a divine expression, and you are divine instrument, an instrument who acts and creates further divine expression. To embrace and surrender to this way of being is the doorway to bliss, and it doesn’t take away your individuality. In fact, it amplifies it. It amplifies it, because the unique expression of you is no longer reigned in or controlled. This a doorway to exquisite self-expression, to bliss, to incredible physical vibrancy, health and well-being, flowing your energy. It’s the resistance to this that makes it painful or hard, or creates problems in your physical form.
Being who you truly are is actually easy and natural. To a human being, again, who has experienced a fiercely separate sense of self as identity, to let go and surrender to being spirit fully, and to identifying with a non-physical essence that you sometimes can’t feel, and certainly may not even be able to see, is huge. Letting that flow, without controlling it, without inhibition is bliss, but it’s also new.
Let this be okay, and let this moment of evaluating, if you’re willing to do this, be part of your sacred journey. Know that you’re at a threshold that is going to potentially, if you’re willing to step into it … And it’s not really optional, it’s just a matter of time, because anybody on the planet who’s in a body is experiencing ascension. But there’s no rush, and yet, stepping into this is the resolution of all your previous embodiments.
Your human knowing of the realm of separation that is third dimensionally-based feels this as losing control, feels this is a doorway to losing control, feels scared by this. Yet, what’s beyond this is ecstasy. What’s beyond this is exquisite self-expression.
We return to some of the questions we have communicated and shared with you in previous conversations. How freely do you let yourself flow? Then, if you were to expand upon this exploration, how freely do you let yourself lose control? How freely do you surrender to absolute hilariousness, to exquisite pleasure, to spontaneous, uninhibited anything? Losing inhibitions, and being fully you is part of all this.
This is not about losing inhibitions and being someone else. You don’t have to be afraid of becoming something that’s not you, but being fully free without feeling connected, or caring what anybody thinks about you on a personal level is a different experience of being human. It’s an extremely liberating one, but you don’t know that until you let yourself have it.
We say all this because, as we’ve invited conversations about flow, we have felt the fear and resistance in some of you. If these descriptions of letting go of control, and surrendering to the flow of who you are, and exquisite, spontaneous self expression, feels scary, or intense, or difficult for you, and you want to retreat, and if it’s hard for you to imagine living this way, or being this way, we suggest you remind yourself that everybody else is doing this too, and see if that gives you a sense of peace, because waking up is not optional. Again, if you’re on this planet, in a body, you’re ascending, you’re mutating. You’re light body is developing, and you and everybody else are going through this, as is the planet.
Although there are some beings, who are, in a sense, embodying light body energy systems in a way that is out in front of the planet, laying out grid-work, and bringing in templates and programs, most humans, and certainly anyone who might be feeling hesitant or afraid to shed their limitations, to let go of control, to release all rules they have about life can rest easy knowing that the planet is paving the way for you. The planet and some of your family of light are moving out ahead energetically and laying down the grid-work, cutting the pathways. The grid-work is there to support and nourish all expressions of your divine embodiment.
Stillness within you will help you to feel your way into this wholeness. It’s easiest to find your inner center when you allow yourself to be still, and yet you are more and more learning how to be in your center while moving, while doing. This is an enormous shift in the expression of your being. With this, and with your willingness to choose how to unfold your life, you step into the mode of master.
Your true identity is that you’re a vast, divine multidimensional master and you’re here on Earth to create Heaven on Earth with other masters. As you let yourself be you fully and freely, trusting everybody else to do their thing when it’s right for them, as you step into this identity, everything changes.
There is little you can do in your life to alter reality without claiming your inherent alignment. Through your inherent alignment to the true divine essence that is you, you enfold all versions of you into the single, pure line of spirit which is your true expression throughout creation. As you begin to realize that what is real for you is real because you believe it and act as if it is, you change the experience of reality you know to be life.
Let us say this again. As you begin to realize and make more elevated choices even, that what is real for you is real for you because you believe it and act as if it is, you can then change the experience of reality you know to be life. We encourage you to claim the reality and act as if the reality is true, that you are a divine multidimensional master here to create Heaven on Earth with other multidimensional masters. That’s the context and identity that you can function with.
Then, in that reality, what’s real, what’s important is what you believe and act as if it’s real and important. That’s what creates your experience.
In this context, and with these orienting kinds of approaches, you no longer identify with your experience, and so anything that you were concerned about how other people would think if you expressed it, or anything that used to, in third and fourth dimensional rules and contexts and labels seem to be wrong or need fixing, now will seem laughable to you, hilarious even, because it’s only in the fourth dimension that you feel a need to heal, fix, or save yourself or others on the planet.
It’s only in the fourth dimension that you feel a need to heal, fix, or save yourself or others on the planet, or the planet. When you shift into your divine identity, your true state as a multidimensional master, here to co-create Heaven on Earth, all of that collapses. All of that collapses into your true life stream, the true line of being you here and now, flowing freely and expressing you you really are interdimensionally. Because when you do this here, it affect you interdimensionally.
You see, dear friends, your loving, beautiful, light-filled, authentic flow is already. It is already. It exists amongst the trillions of parallels in play. Yet all this coalesces and simplifies as you tune in, align with all that you are in a fluid flow of divine light and love, and be true to you.
We speak a little bit in some of these ways that might feel like poetic riddles to you because these are things that are impossible to put into words, and yet we are conjuring up, with the help of your soul, and the light that you are ways of speaking to this that will help you to feel the light within, the power of your embodiment, which is continually offering to you indicators of your resonance with who you truly are, helping you to line up and let yourself flow.
Liberty, freedom, the mastery of you, expressing here, rising up into a shimmering stream of coherent, clear, pure essence energy, experiencing the flow without inhibition, moment to moment discovering an ecstatic exaltation of yourself in the body, and feeling that infused and clarify all that you are, that’s what your divine identity being expressed is actually bringing about.
Quite magnificent. Let this all sit with you today, and see if, in a period of evaluation, you might have a different level of readiness to surrender to the truth of your being.

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