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Archangel Michael via Christine Preston, May 3d

Archangel Michael: The End Of The Galactic Mob

146091666745532Archangel Michael: I Am Christos, the Angelic One. There is another name for me. It is indeed Melchizedek. The Order of Melchizedek is cosmic and is my Order comprised of many legions of Angels. We answer to the Orders of the Blue Lodge, the Higher Council of Oryon (with a Y). It is situated upon the highest of all Realms directly from the Godhead.

The Mafia on Earth has recently been abolished. By this Mafia I mean the group originating from long ago, millions of years ago, that had the dark intention to totally destroy this Universe as it represented an offence to their dark concepts of evil. They intended to come in such a way that human beings, physical angels, would not realize their presence, their schemes and conspiracies. It has been their strength to operate in secret.

On Earth you have been under the joug and captivity of this power for hundreds of thousands of years, since they captured Earth with military force in the days of Lemuria, which spanned over hundreds of thousands of years, with a golden age, then a decline as a result of civilization, when the lowering into the third dimension was effected. There was technology introduced by some beings of extraterrestrial origin. This ancient extraterrestrial, extra-Galactic, Mafia that was even from another Universe, has been dismantled gradually. It had taken position primarily upon the lower astral plane, or level, on Earth, and also on other planets in this Solar System.

We, the Archangels, Angelic armies and hosts of the Lord Aescupulus, and of the Mother, have been waging a battle against these dark forces, for centuries, and longer, but we don’t operate in the same way as human beings do in battle. Our strategies are motivated and inspired from a higher attitude as regards the meaning and value of life in the Universe. We convert dark to light and give the dark countless chances to turn around.

In this summer of 2016 the remnants of dark forces which have been interfering in the lives of the lightworkers, to an extent that will astonish all of you when the truth is finally revealed, will be taken from the Earth and relocated to the planet that has been prepared for them so they can continue in their third dimensional environment. Some of extreme machiavelic character, who have to be removed because of their nefarious influence, are, however, totally rooted in such darkness of beingness that they cannot be saved, nor be given a chance on that other world.

They will be taken, as Lord Sanat Kumara has declared that they would be if they attempt to cause any harm to mankind, the humanity as a whole that are the children who have the threefold flame connection with the Divine, the Star Seeds and Boots on the Ground as incarnations of Galactic beings, or of Ascended Masters, or of the Angelic Kingdom. In these attacks is included the use of technology that we call psychotronic. It is used to attempt to influence human beings via their subconscious mind by inserting in them synthetic experiences that make them feel, when they wake up after a night of sleep, that they have had a dream, or a nightmare. Sometime they can alter memory and make someone believe they have a memory about an experience which never took place. They are designed to influence people negatively by the illusion of having had an experience which they did not have. Many people are aware they go to places upon the astral or etheric realms out of the body. If they have had a particular negative experience in a dream they may believe it was related to that life in a higher dimension. They may also make associations leading to going astray instead of continuing upon the path of soul evolution. It may affect them subconsciously, or make them separate in real life from other people with whom a falsified experience has been produced.

The world is emerging into a better reality in which America will become the example the founding Fathers wanted it to be. It was Saint Germain’s dream, and he is seeing it unfold at the moment, as the Dark is on the run. They have no power. The change will work like a ripple and have an effect upon all nations and there will be Peace upon the whole world. The evil root that has held mankind in captivity is being separated. We are at the very end of a long period of struggle on Earth, as well as where the entire Galaxy is concerned.

There now is such hope and we have heard a prayer for a feeling of great satisfaction to be felt by us in the higher Realms for this accomplishment. It carries a vision of the fulfilment of my Prophecy that represents a magical act of Alchemy in itself, for your vision of the future can manifest it.

Halleluiah indeed! I leave you reminding you that I will be with you always for we are one.

Archangel Michael.

Christine: We are very grateful, Archangel Michael, for this announcement.