Love is our new reality

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The Council of Radiant Light via Eric, February 18th, 2018

The Council of Radiant Light                               18/2/2018

Open your hearts for much is to come, all is here ,all is now. You roam about but all is written within the Heart. For there are many at this time in a state of flux, a state of change.

Fluid it will be, morphing as the Butterfly does. The Light Breaking out though every crevasse, from inside. Helping each other and pulling together. Listening you are eager to learn, for much is coming and change will be swift.

There will be many afloat, as a cork in the Ocean, but don’t disappear as all will be picked up as if washed ashore on a beach.

Innocence, for all is one and one is all. The jewel in the ocean is within sight and many will grasp and see its splendour.

The gate to the Secret Garden is open and you will not leave once inside. Many riches are inside to many to list. You are always held within our loving arms.

The Vessel you hold at this time, is in pain as the transition occurs, but do not despair as we brush you off and get you back on your feet. We will guide and support all who at this time require assistance.

In closing please note our vessel (Eric) and his wounded heart wish only to help lift humanity.

Much Love “The team”