Love is our new reality

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The Council of Twelve (channel unknown), August 3d, 2017

The Council Of Twelve: Momentous Times

elohim beingsHumans are children in a vast starscape of solar systems and universes. They possess imagination and innocence, spiritual openness, a fresh embrace of the new. They shine bright like stars in a velvety sky. Human beings are wondrous in their capacity for emotion, the spectrum wider than many known species. Maybe a glitch, an anomaly or divine intervention, there are angelic qualities to humanity, best seen when observing their children, their young. Vulnerable, giving and fragile, for many years it’s a wonder they survived at all. And yet they do, as do their brothers and sisters seeded elsewhere in the cosmos. Humans always need security, emotional and physical sanctuary for nurturing, creativity and love frequency. They do not grow out of this at, in earth years, 18 or 21. They need time to flourish in a world that embraces them, is grateful they are here and celebrates their myriad emotional frequencies. Creatively gifted, born storytellers they are the imagination of their solar system. They are the beating heart chakra of their universe, a bright rainbow of lighter frequencies emanating out into the cosmos.

Like children this innocence, this light, this beauty is what drew the parasites to you. It is what they feed off. Predators seek the vulnerable, the unaware, the uninitiated. Humanity has been groomed, as you would say, for many thousands of years. Groomed into mental, emotional and physical slavery. This truth is being exposed. The dark is illuminated by the light, it is blinded and exposed and expelled by the light. It runs to hide in darker places, places where it can disguise itself. It flees the light. And this is what humanity must do. She must gather her beauty, her innocence, her light and she must shine bright, erasing shadows, breaking apart darkness. Human children receive the same protection, nurturing, love and abundant peace as humanity as a whole requires, to grow, blossom and evolve.

We are in awe of those volunteers on the frontline. We ask… your belief in the divine light of unified consciousness not waver nor falter. For this is the path to humanities evolution, her liberation, her awakening to love frequencies. We welcome humanity. We urge frontline warriors to maintain their space. To keep their light bright despite all the adversities. These are hard times and we know this. We also know that each one of you is reintegrating back into yourselves. Past, present, future become one in quantum evolution. You are locking into the present, to the glory of mindful existence on Gaia. The images and the visions you are experiencing are wavelengths for the new earth. Your energy, your light, your imagination can co create abundance, peace on earth. Who you were before you awoke to quantum existence and who you became after, are now merging, fusing into whole authentic beings of lighter frequencies. Ancestral and past life karmic clearing has prepared you for this cosmic transition from third dimensional existence within the matrix hologram to fifth, and beyond, dimensional existence. We are grateful for all that you have done on your own path and for others. We are deeply appreciative of your courage in revealing your true selves.

Humanity is reaching her tipping point. To many of you, who have been fighting this battle for freedom of consciousness for many human years, the landscape is not changing. The matrix algorithms continue to dictate people’s thoughts, actions and beliefs. We can assure you from our perspective above, below and all around, your whole world is changing. Gaia moves on a new axis, she has realigned herself, her ley lines carry high frequency vibrations throughout her organic system. Like a city viewed from a plane at night, we see lights coming online, multiplying, joining up across the global landscape from Abu Dhabi to Zimbabwe. We see the heart chakra of each and every one of you emit emerald light into Gaia’s glowing grid, like fairy lights strung around the globe. This is magnificent to behold. We wish we could show you so you too could understand the profound effect your endeavours, your seed planting, your courage, is having.

These are momentous times in the evolution of a solar system sparked by your planet’s duality, it’s takeover and it’s natural ascension. Lightworkers, earth warriors our words are for you. Stay calm. Steady your feet firmly on Gaia, planted into her rhythm, her truth, her frequency. Grounding deep into Gaia will strengthen your core balance for the coming weeks, months and years of transition and transformation. You are in it for the long haul friends. Pace yourselves. Know you are not alone. Know the tide is turning. Know your endeavours are paying off.

Be ready lightwarriors the time is upon us for revealing truth in all its forms. When the great wave crashes, when the people are drowning be ready dear friends, for the need will be real and you will have the tools to catch those as they fall, to aid them in their karmic recovery. To heal and guide inner selves to higher frequencies in meditation, sound and energy healing, shamanic and quantum hypnotherapeutic work. People will see their chakras as part of their routines of self care. People will realign, upgrade and recalibrate as earth warriors and lightworkers have done, and are doing. Keep your light held high in humility and always in gratitude. We are deeply proud of your endeavours. We cannot share this enough. We are with you at all times, in all dimensions, your guides and your protectors. Always in love and in light, warriors of Gaia.

The Council of 12

We share peace, we receive peace, we are peace.
Namaste. – Shared per request via email.