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The Council via Ron Head, July 24, 2019

The Change – The Council

July 24, 2019

There seems to be some lingering question among our readers about whether or not ‘we are actually into the change’ – whether or not you are into what most have come to think of as The Event. Let us explain this. Yes. You are. This is.

Now the changes are many and extremely complicated. The event, like any other, can be broken down into component parts and is therefore a process. Although there will be a climactic happening. Isn’t there always?

We have told you multiple times in these messages that you entered this process when you passed the marker more than six years ago. There has been a distinct ramping up, of energy, of what you may call velocity, of intensity, all of which we have spoken of, have we not?

There are thousands upon thousands of changes required to effect this “Change” that you await. None of the final result can occur until the groundwork has been laid in a myriad of places. There are mental changes, societal changes, technical changes, legal, governmental, physical – and on and on.

So, look around you now. When we said that some time ago, many of you could not see what we spoke of. When you look now, can you not see much of this beginning in earnest?

We also warned you often about your wish for us to ‘bring it on’. Well, you have brought it on, just as was necessary. We said that there was more involved than you knew or would ever want to know. That is still true. There is more involved than many will be able to believe.

We said that you should fasten your seat belts. You should. The ride is about to commence in earnest. Now here is a trick. When you keep your arms, and your attention, inside the ride, it is much easier on your senses. You are less likely to lose your breakfast. Keep your focus on your own inner progress. Let this stuff play out. It may seem endless, but it will not be.

Always know that it is all necessary, and it will lead to the world that you will create in its wake. Why can we say that?

We can say that because you have learned, and continue to learn, that you do create it. You have created it. You will continue to create it. It will be as you determine it to be.

Participate in that this time. This time, have your way. Do not allow. Create. Only alone, which you never really are, do you seem powerless. Only alone, which is an impossibility, can you be controlled. But you can believe this impossibility to be possible. That is what you have been taught to believe. It is a lie. Cease believing the lies.

This is where you are going. And so, yes. These are the changes. And they are beautiful even though they appear very much not to be.

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