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Plato speaks via Jacquelyn Fox, July 21st, 2019

July 21st 2019


Session with Plato for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)


Plato is speaking:

“A question posed in the minds of many living in life is one in which my J struggles with in opening Light. That question is pinned in my lesson for today. How does one juggle Light to bring a peaceful opening to quite difficult life situations? In other words, how does one remain in Light when moving forward in life situations that may unfold in a dramatic way?

It is not an easy task to take steps forward toward one’s Light destiny in the face of life’s great limiting experiences. It hobbles many in life in the fulfilling of their Light destiny, more in its diminishing of hope than anything else. Luck is riveted to hope; It holds the illustrations of one’s hopeful thoughts, and then issues them into life. This shift from Light illustrations to life experiences is luck. The idea that one’s thoughts have no influence upon reality is an illusion. This means that wishful thinking is not a waste of time. Hoping for the most benevolent outcome is not useless folly. Luck is born of the mind, and it is hobbled when hope is not present in one’s mind. Stern thoughts of a hopeless future and the inability to free oneself from suffering is the harshest hobbler of luck. Luck simply cannot deliver the most benevolent outcome if that outcome is not lifted in one’s mind. Without hope, stagnation rules, and embracing stagnation is not in alignment with one’s Light destiny. How can one lift oneself in Light frequency if one feels hopeless in life? I understand it is difficult for those in life to fully trust in their Light visions, their intuition, but stepping away from them and into the grim illusion of hopelessness is preventable. Luck waits patiently for your stepping forward into hope. It isn’t going to disappear completely, only hold its place until it is called forward into life by hope. Turns in luck, issued in every life, happen in parallel to the quality of hope in one’s mind. Is hope all that influences luck in life? No, but it plays a major role. Luck is also influenced by one’s life plan and by Karma.”

J: “Can luck also be influenced by the quality of Light pondering that one engages in?”

Plato: “Very good question, J. It most certainly can. If one connects with low-frequency spirits in one’s Lightwork, ideas of a low frequency will propagate in one’s mind. Your luck will then flow in that low-frequency direction. Removing any ghosts that hold themselves in one’s energy flow (aura) is a necessary act of self-care that all Lightworkers need to practice. Constantly receiving thoughts of ghosts who are suffering in limitation lowers one’s ability to be hopeful in life. Ghosts influence the living much more than most in life realize. Nipping that ghost energy from one’s pondering in Light helps to avoid low-frequency thoughts. Luck steps forward when ghosts step away.”

“There are set experiences in one’s Light-line that tip life towards one’s destiny.”

J: “Sorry to interrupt, but could you please explain what a Light-line is?”

Plato: “A Light-line is one’s likely path in life as it is expressed in visions to us in Light. Certain experiences or events, ones that are very important toward living one’s destiny, are set firmly in that Light-line. Other visions that appear in one’s Light-line are of possible life lessons learned, but are not necessarily solid, earmarked experiences. Much of life experience unfolds in accordance to predestined plans chosen in Light. Only in judgment-lined error do predestined Light plans go awry. Kicking out vested, planned experiences from one’s Light-line is difficult but it can be done. Nixing agreements made in Light with other souls can be done as well. However, those agreements will be revisited when one returns to Light and may be restored in the planning of another life. Fulfilling one’s Light contracts brings healing and enlightenment, so Light encourages the living to honor those contracts.”

J: “So, if many of life’s experiences are predestined, what does luck have to do with anything, really? Can lifting one’s frequency to bring positive luck into play only affect those experiences that are not predestined? Not sure I understand.”

Plato: “Yes, luck can affect predestined experiences in one’s Light-line by altering the way in which those experiences manifest. Luck can change incoming experiences to free the most benevolent outcome. Luck only alters issued experiences in life. It does not change one’s set, casted Light path. Meaning that your set destiny can be hobbled by luck but that destiny will eventually open.”

J: “You’re talking a lot about a set destiny, but Light also talks to me a lot about the value of free will. How can we have free will to shape our lives if those lives are already planned and set, if we have a destiny that cannot be changed.”

Plato: “Set aside your immediate ideas of free will J, and look at the idea of free will from Light’s perspective. The you that exists in your living body does not exist as an entity separate from your higher self, which exists in Light. Destined life plans are made in Light in alignment with the free will of your higher self. Contracts agreed upon in Light with other souls are entered into in alignment with the free will of all those involved. If you only look at free will from the perspective of the part of you that is living in a physical existence, then perhaps it may seem that free will is hobbled or does not exist at all, but in the larger perspective that is not the case. Life plans and Light agreements are given much thought in Light by all those involved, and are in alignment with the highest good of all those involved. Free will exercised in life may not be in alignment with the highest good of all those involved. That free will is allowed, your higher self will honor that, but it will not change the eventual opening of one’s destined life path, unless your higher self agrees to alter that path or dissolve the set agreements with other souls. This is not something that we like to do in Light, because it means that these agreements will need to be revisited again in the planning of other lives, but know that your higher self does love you unconditionally and is open to change. Keep in mind however that from your perspective in life, you may not be able to judge what is in your best and highest good as well as your higher self. I suggest that trusting in one’s higher self, even if you do not understand how certain events can be in alignment with your highest good, is the wisest course. Trusting in Light, keeping your frequency high, your hope elevated to influence how these events unfold in life, is what it means to be living in alignment with your higher self and Light. You can influence luck, and luck can influence how your life unfolds, but know that you do have a destiny that is in alignment with your highest good and that of the other souls who are experiencing this life with you. Accepting new ideas of how Light creates life experiences might be uncomfortable for some of you, but always remember that love is at the heart of this creation. You are loved by Light.

J is issuing the end of her patience for channeling now and so I will end things for today. Thoughts and actions in alignment with Light trust and hope open luck, remember that much as you go through life, my friends. Until next time, be well.”


You can connect with Jacquelyn, and her Master Teachers, via her website at A book of her channelings, “LIGHT LESSONS: Wisdom for Light Workers from Master Teachers in Light” is also available on Amazon.


Glossary of common terms and their meanings:

Energy Flow – Another term for aura.

Light – This term is used in multiple ways. Often it is used to describe the existence beyond physical life, commonly referred to as “Heaven” or the afterlife. They also use it to describe spiritual energy or consciousness, the energy that makes up everything that exists. They also use it to describe a state of positive, enlightened existence in alignment with God. They also tend to use it as a name for the collective enlightened consciousness, the guides, teachers and masters in spirit who reach out to us.

Long-in-Light – Is another way of saying “enlightened” or possessing a great deal of spiritual Light. It can also be used to describe one who has existed in spirit for a long time, an “old soul.”

Night-Light – They use this term to describe anything, living or in spirit, that is not in alignment with God. It is the illusion of separation from God. “Night-Light spirits” are spirits still under the illusion that they are separate from God. They are not aligned with the peace and happiness of Light yet and are in need of healing. It is also a common term for the lower frequency levels of Light, like the Astral plane.

Light Pondering – Light pondering is the quieting of the mind to allow ideas of spirit to enter, through meditation, divination or dream work.

Light Minds – Light minds in life are those people living who have a mind-connection to spirit and spiritual truth: mediums, intuitives and other Lightworkers. Light minds can also be those enlightened minds in spirit. They are aligned with Light, not night-Light.

Loitering Spirits – Spirits in a state of night-Light who are attracted to the energy of the living.

Logging – A term that describes the pinning of intention to effect change in one’s experience. Logging, in teaching vernacular, is the sending of intention toward a goal.