Love is our new reality

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Plato speaks via Jacquelyn Fox, May 14th, 2018

May 14th 2018

Master Teacher lesson with Plato for Sananda

Plato is speaking:

“Nimble minds throughout time have affected reality by lifting Light. Old Light ideas of your kin in spirit open teachings that limit vacant notions in life. Uncle Plato will now teach you about Light’s willing alignment with life reality. Let’s begin.

Minds in life that are open to Light frequencies tend not to develop ultimate trust in Light until life aligns with their ponderings. Minds in Light understand this need for life validation. Pondering Light wisdom to lift life trust makes one trust more quickly than pondering to improve one’s life materially. Material gain from Light pondering is not wrong, it is simply a vacant life desire. Right-minded ponderers of Light align their ponderings with life healing and love. However, plowing Light into the minds of the living will not lessen those minds’ need for validation in life. Hinderance of learning occurs when minds in life do not fully trust minds in Light. Mix in a tense grip on anxious, repeating worries over gullibility and one has a recipe for minimal Light lesson understanding. Quality Lightworkers need a quality Light education. Therefore, Light trust is important to their development. Ponderers in Light throughout the ages have been much the same. They ask for Light validation in life reality to believe in Light truth. Quality teachers in Light work to provide that life validation. Only through validation is quality trust created. Promotion of this validation therefore is a major matter here in Light. We take it very seriously.

Question any Light teacher who lifts no instances of validation in life. They are likely not serious teachers of Light, but simply pondering spirits who lift notions of Light for their own amusement. Love is often one of their favorite Light topics, as well as planetary ascension. Right-minded Light teachers lift topics that are more practical. For instance, riling up the living now about the coming ascension is loudly pushed in many channelings. No Master Teacher in Light would lift such notions unless in Light that event appeared poised to open soon. No such event is close in life at this time. I am not saying that ascension is not going to happen. Only that it is not imminent. Sponsoring such topics is usually done by spirits not aligned with teaching but with amusing themselves in Light. To plant imminent ascension ideas into living minds is a good way for them to promote excitement and push tense emotions. These emotions lift immense amounts of energy to them in Light, to which they become addicted. Springing notions of Light Ascension upon living minds provides ample energy for that addiction.

To align with Light teachings in life that never seem to provide validation in life calls into question one’s promotion of right-minded thought. Quality Light teachers lift lessons that will provide practical ways to help others in life. Money-lifting is not a practical Light teaching. Keep your role in Lightwork aligned with God and with love. Light teachers who lift gossip-like ideas of friends who are questioning you in life, or other such ideas designed to stir your emotion, likely are not teachers of Light but ponderers of night-light. Ponderers of night-light are unenlightened spirits who still focus on negative life events, feelings and ideas. Qualifying ponderings often is not done adequately by channels because they mistakenly believe that all in Light are enlightened. Just as in life, this is not so. So, to prevent such misguided notions I will present a list of qualifying questions to you now.

  1. Is the message one of God or love?
  2. Has the message opened feelings of excitement or fear in you?
  3. Has the message pushed the idea of ascension being imminent?
  4. Have the answers given aligned with broken predictions or with life validation? Sponsoring life validation is the only way to create Light trust, therefore Master Teachers lift validation.
  5. Simply put, is the spirit lifting the message rolling in Light only? To determine this, ask the spirit if they need healing. If the answer is yes, love them and lift healing to them, but bond not with their messages.
  6. When the message is received, how tame are your own life thoughts? If you are stressed or anxious, you will not lift quality ponderings in Light.
  7. Does the message lift healing in you or other people in life?
  8. Raving or calm? What is the energy flowing from the message?
  9. Is the message aligned with money? The promotion of money topics in Light is aligned with unenlightened minds, not enlightened ones.
  10. Did the message focus on prediction of the future? Predictions are usually aligned with unenlightened Light minds. However, to close tumultuous Light-mistrust does require teachers to lift some predictions that will be validated in life. But they only promote predictions that are validated by life quickly. If the predictions never materialize in life, more than likely, your teacher is not enlightened.

Understanding and using these qualifying notions will lift truth in Light. Light teachers promote only truth and open trust. Ponderers who accept spilling messages from unenlightened spirits will experience frustration and mistrust. There is much wisdom in Light but pondering minds in life must practice discernment in their ponderings.