Plato speaks via Jacquelyn Fox, May 29th, 2018

May 29th, 2018

Plato for Sananda

Plato is speaking:

“Greetings, my fellow Light ponderers. Today, I will lift the idea of Light Love.

The mind in life voices itself mostly by promoting plight, nimbly pondering horrible outcomes to the situations faced in life. Thus, questioning one’s mind in life is essential to living in peace and happiness. Rushing, powerful Light notions will help one lift oneself above the limited ponderings of the living mind. No ultimate quota of life plight awaits one who lives in alignment with Light.

Light rights one’s sense of life solidarity and love, spilling notions of unity and love of God, kicking out thoughts of plight and separation. The lost sense of life-peace will return and kind thoughts will flourish in one’s mind. Light works in the living mind like illumination works in a dark room. Long-hidden notions, looming in dark corners, limiting one’s peace of mind, are exposed by Light ideas and opened to questioning, lining one up with the clear reasoning needed to ponder them. Rinsing away of those limiting, scary ideas is then possible. Lack of Light does the opposite, allowing those plighted thoughts to fester and grow.

One of these Light notions I will speak of now is Light Love. Promoting Light Love, or spiritual love, over romantic love aligns one with mighty Light most wonderful. No romantic love can compare to the love of God in Light. Pondering the promotion of God-aligned love in life opens one to love from all in life, while romantic love limits one to love from just one other person. No love as limited in scope as romantic love can compare to unlimited spiritual love. Those who experience unlimited spiritual love in life are very happy indeed. They understand that true, quality love is God’s love.

Powerful life-love, or romantic love, simply exists to procreate the species. Romantic love fades once this goal is achieved, nimbly leading to love-lack and disillusion. To achieve long-lasting love requires one to love unconditionally, in greater alignment with Light. Some love in life is unconditional; ask any mother about that. But old libelous notions about romantic love being superior to spiritual love are ideas that hold back mankind and increase plight, hopelessness and insecurity. Spiritual love, on the other hand, kicks out those limiting ideas, unleashing one’s soul purpose and nimbly guiding one to great happiness.

No purpose of human life is greater than loving unconditionally, for it aligns one with God. Once you line up with God, your life takes on magnificent meaning and long waves of love roll from you to lift the whole of humanity. Ponder that, my dear friends in life. I will end off here.”



Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J).