Love is our new reality

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Plato speaks via Jacquelyn Fox, May 22nd, 2018

May 22nd, 2018

Teaching for Sananda by Plato

Plato is speaking:

“Limiting ideas of life that issue painful plight over love, occur for prominent reasons. Quality, meaningful notions of love in Light are largely ignored in life in favor of less meaningful notions of romantic love. Pondering in Light makes one more open to spiritual notions of love in life.  Quality ideas of loving as God loves grow as one ponders in Light. The nimble joining of Light-love with romantic love pushes one into a life of bliss. Love in Light is an unconditional love. We here in Light pin love to acts of support and spiritual growth. Only such loving acts teach of God’s love. No minimizing plight of love exists here in Light because we lift love freely and without condition. Pondering in Light opens one’s mind to this kind of love and old underlying ideas of limited love will fade as one grows in Light wisdom. Minimizing ideas of control and neediness also fade as one ponders loving as we do in Light.

Our goal in Light now is to lift Humanity in this understanding of love. Romantic love in life is only an illusion. Light-love is real love. Romantic love pins love to conditions, while Light-love opens love freely. Simply put, Light-love lifts, while romantic love limits.

To ponder love in Light is to open it in life. Presently, people around the world are opening Light-love in life through their spiritual alignment with God. We in Light lift our support and blessings to these people. Such long lifting of spiritual growth is positively affecting many others in life. Right-minded spirit minds in Light fully support this spiritual growth in life, but some in spirit do not. These unlit spirits wish to limit Humanities Light growth. They promote ideas of passion and lust as being more loving than kindness and unconditional support. Quality Light minds offer those living their unconditional support in life. Spirits of limited love offer promotion of conditional support and lift ideas of raving lust and money. Trusting the advice of such spirits will usually lead to plight and then they will offer minimal support. Lining oneself up with loving spiritual guidance will lift you in life but aligning with spirits of limited love will minimize you. Please note that loitering spirits of ill-intention are not the same as unenlightened guides. Both can limit you, but unenlightened guides do not do so intentionally. It is simply that they still hold ideas of love similar to those they may have held in life. They have not yet let go of these limited notions of love and embraced the higher notions of God’s Love. Guides at this level may offer you good advice or they may offer you flawed advice based on their limited love ideas. They may be encouraging to you and pleasant to ponder with, but you should practice discernment when pondering their advice.

To determine which kind of love any spirit guide offers is important to your well-being in life. Choosing guidance from spirits who hold limited notions of love attunes one to their frequency, not God’s. Aligning with them lifts minimizing situations in life. Night-light then opens in life and one feels hopeless and lost. Lining up with old, enlightened spirit guides who lift God’s love invites order and healing into your life. Qualifying which type of spirit guides you are aligning with sets you up for success instead of plight. To do this, ask these questions about your guides:

  1. Will they line up with talking about long, dragging life concerns? Meaning, will they ponder about vacant life concerns like romance and dalliances? While these subjects are appealing to those in life, they do not contribute to your spiritual growth, so enlightened guides do not ponder them.
  2. Light voices will lift you, not limit you. How do you feel pondering with them? Night-light voices send messages that limit one in Light and well-being, while minimal plight comes from pondering with enlightened voices.
  3. Only promoting your nimble spiritual growth is the goal of enlightened guides. A bit different is ‘sponsorship.’ Sponsorship is the process through with your guides assist you in life. When you reach this level of guidance, your life well-being also becomes a goal of your guides.

J is lifting the idea that my definition of sponsorship is confusing. She brings up a good point. What one can expect from these two levels of guidance is a bit different. In the beginning stages of guidance, letting go of the pondering of life concerns is very important to your spiritual growth process. Once you have demonstrated to us that you have grown beyond these limited ponderings, your guidance will shift to ‘sponsorship’ level. Sponsorship is Light’s direct influence into your life to promote your well-being. Most ponderers never reach this level. Only those who choose to align with God. I will discuss sponsorship more in another lesson.

4. Vacant ponderings lift vacant guides. Are your thoughts mostly nominal life questions? If so, you are probably receiving nominal advice.

  1. Light is separated into levels of enlightenment. Ask your guides from which level they speak. Only voices from Light level 5 or above offer enlightened guidance. To answer J’s unspoken question as to whether guides can be dishonest in their answer to this question, I answered that they cannot lie because they are guides. They are not limiting, loitering spirits. Not all guides are enlightened guides, but they are all aligned with good intentions and will not lie to you. The advice you received from unenlightened guides, however well-intentioned, may not be quality advice.

Nimble Light, together with pondering minds in life, will work to lift Humanity, but lining up with the proper teachers in Light is essential. Which is why I have spent two lessons covering the subject. So many Lightworkers are limited in their potential by limited quality teachings from Spirit. Nominal alignment with God is the result. More students in life are needed now, so we in Light lift these lessons to empower you in your pondering. Any questions can be directed to me through J. I wish you all Light and Love in your ponderings.”


Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J).