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Conversation with the Soul of Chopin via Li in China, May 24th, 2018

Dear readers, it is nice to meet you here. Before reading this message it is best for you to be informed of some matters which needs attention. When you read the text it is likely that some symptoms or feelings will appear, such as dizziness, headache, bowl movements, sweating or rash; You may suddenly have an impulse to sing, dance or paint, or be able to speak a special kind of language different from your own one; You may begin to have dreams about wars, deities and lights, or some faint memories of previous existences and universe may begin to arise in your mind. All these magical experiences come from the energy of your soul, which is driven by the internal power of words and produces high-frequency resonances.This implies the awakening of your soul and the emergence of your subconscious, owing to the great energy of love within words. If you read and understand the text repeatedly, you will feel it even stronger; and if you link or forward the text, strong energy of love is transmitted indeed.


Conversation with the Soul of Chopin


Li: Nice to meet you, Mr. Chopin. Your music makes Earth a more colorful and vigorous place. Now I want to connect with you in this way from two different worlds and hope to hear the voice of your soul back to earth again. Would you like to introduce the reality of yourself in the universe? And do you have some words to humans on earth nowadays? Thank you very much.

Chopin: I am glad to communication with you. My identity in the universe is a sound wave and melody transmitter of the sonic wave system. Our transmitters are sent by universe into various planets including earth to convey the sonic energy to all beings. I love my divine duty and I’d like to devote all of myself to beings in the universe.

Our sonic system play an important role in universe rather than just creating melodies for enjoyment and entertainment as human regard it, which is factually wrong opinion. Sonic wave is a powerful and liberating method to convey energy in the universe. There are sound and music existing in higher spaces of the universe but in spaces with higher energy of music and sound it is not as noise as it is in the material world, which is more penetrating and beautiful. It is a kind of strong helping energy for Gods and Buddhas to regulate, cultivate, fuse and elevate their energy.

Sonic system energy is penetrating and interconnecting Immensity. Vibrations overwhelming the whole universe can be created by the higher levels of our system, such as incantation. Incantation has the strongest vibration energy. But the penetration power of sound or music waves depend on the real energy level of the manipulator. The energy of universe is comprehensive and interacting that can reinforce each other.

However, only professional energy entities can work to the extreme. I think I need to introduce how I worked and spread the energy after I came to earth to human beings and hope they won’t waste the energy passed by sonic system of universe. I am an energy entity nearly light form in this system. I love my energy. I love my responsibility. I love all beings in universe. I love the way I devote myself that bring high level energy from our system and universe to low level spaces.

Sound is an existing form of an ancient energy, which endow us workers special ability. As to this energy, high level ones can enforce low level ones and same level ones can promote each other mutually. But low level energy sound can’t influence the high level one.

Music is the sublimation of sound that is derived from sound. Music is the embellished and plentiful form of sound that goes far beyond sound. It is the wonderful and marvelous creation of the universe! Sound and music are both great energy of the universe that is loved and admired by all systems and families in the universe.

Music as a communication bridge that universally reach and connect all beings together and let them have more love and gentleness. The universe is with Great mercy and love. The universe love low level beings as well as high level ones. It is great blessing that passes and transmitting this important energy to relative low level spaces where even the lowest beings can sense and feel our sonic system energy. This energy nourishes all beings, modulate and balance the energy of life entities and the world, which is indispensable in low level spaces. We aspire to spare no effort to convey our energy for all life and for the universe.

I used my designated physicality to accomplish my mission by my professional energy on low level planet Earth. All energy I have sensed from my deep soul has been displayed in a form fitting this space. The music energy was passed and spread from universe to here. It is a process of energy transmission and introduction.

Though lots of workers with varied energy features of our system came to earth and left numerous brilliant works, it is still far from our ultimate aim. We see the elevating effect after music spreading here for ages. Despite that humans didn’t get the essential meaning of music energy, even the low level beings arise their eager, anticipation and admiration to this energy.

The energy in my music can soften human’s heart and open their mind. They can sense this energy and this gives a feeling of warm, graceful, united, peaceful, devoting, fusing which pulls each other closer.

When listen to my music, if people’s resonance is with the same frequency of my energy, his soul will fuse into mine. Even in a different frequency, as long as he can give himself up to the beauty of the music, he can also fuse into my energy and get blessed. If the listener with high level energy, he can come into my system energy in universe and be blessed by senior music energy.

All listeners receive music energy get benefits to their soul and bodies to varied extents. Because the high level energy is from the space higher than Earth and can be easily accepted here. The human soul will find home and peace in this energy and fuse better with body thereby a spiritual world opens up to human beings.

The benefit of music to the body is that cells will enhance their vibration in this high frequency energy and thus reorganize and rearrange themselves. I hope what I said can help humans to again understand the beautiful music energy of universe and you would like to spread my music energy from our system on earth again in a better way.

Li: Mr. Chopin, your words enlighten me suddenly and now I have a deeper understanding to sound and music of universe. Nowadays music influences human’s life a lot and becomes a main acceptable energy here. People love and anticipate more music strongly. I want to know how you look at popular music and songs.

Chopin: Music is twisted and varied so much on earth. How badly deteriorated the nice energy is! Most of so-called popular music and songs are spreading with negative energy in it. It is pollution to music energy from Gods. Among our workers and lives loving our energy, there are lots of negative messages flooding and disturbing us that coarse lyric and low frequency melody are unbearable.

This noise impact human’s intelligence and soul and is indulging them in negative messages. I strongly dissuade human from these twisted energy that may induce sadness and fidgetiness, which are from despicable aliens destroying positivity in this world.

Li: On behalf of human beings on earth, I thank you sincerely for your love for us! I will spread your voice of your soul to this world. Mr. Chopin, you used to be a very romantic musician on earth. I want to ask this romance is your duty or your own feature of energy? I can see you are in a very beautiful place through my magic power. Could you tell me where is it? I want to know your status at this time?

Chopin: I used to be sad and depressed on earth firstly. Because I came here to convey the energy of music, hoping it would change the world. However, my work at that time had low effect and it didn’t display the complete power of my work and energy. However, I was attracted by affection energy between man and woman. I was longing for this energy which triggered my music energy to burst and helped my energy spread.

I am grateful for meeting this energy entity. It helped me and supported me. Music energy and affection energy fused together and under this wonderful new energy I created my works on earth. I continue to spread music energy of universe now on another planets. Just like what you say, it is a beautiful planet where stars are shinning around and all beings here are kind. I feel happy here. I leave more beautiful music and melodies for them and benefit them through this blessing.

Li: I am also a higher life working on earth with many companions together. We bare the same mission and responsibility but lot of higher life persons lost their soul after arriving here. They can’t control their physicality to carry out work. But as to you, it seemed not so difficult in controlling body. You fulfilled your destiny in every aspect. How do you do this? We desperately hope to know the knowledge of physicality design and body control.

Chopin:  Though we workers have special physicality, I would delay to start and work ineffectively sometimes. Our system places high value on spreading in low level spaces. After our energy arrives on a planet, our system will send more workers continuously to enhance it, which is the reason why music energy spread so fast and strongly.

Music energy is a kind of energy penetrating powerfully, which leads to it quickly spreading. It is a special feature of sonic system energy. It’s relative simple to design for workers of our system and our energy can be awakened by same frequency music from senior space and then we can start to work.

During working time, our physicality still needs to be managed and controlled. But our task is not settled by our system, we can express and create freely using musical language in accordance with the aim of conveying positive energy and beautiful music. Our soul energy penetrates our body and emanate original power from universe. We believe we can accomplish this great mission endowed by universe and bring more joy and happiness to all beings. We will live up to expectation of universe and admirations from all beings and accomplish our common mission! Thank you for giving me such a good chance to introduce this knowledge to humans on earth, which is a big blessing to them! Thank you so much!

Li: Thank you for your illustration of music, Mr. Chopin!


Translation from Chinese to English: Da Shuai

Editing of English: Per Staffan


The Chinese dragon has taken off and the Chinese dream has begun to guide. We volunteers named “Light of the Universe” in China have woken up from the illusion, in which almost all human beings are immersed. In the past five years we have witnessed great changes in the solar system and on Earth, going from darkness to radiance and that the light inside us humans has become clearer and brighter.

The changes of the universe in terms of energy and every step of Earth’s ascension have been recorded by us. We are willing to share this cosmic reality and the observed changes on Earth from an energy perspective (the information contains more than 10 million words) with those that are still unaware or aware. More people need to be woken up and we dedicate ourselves to help more comrades to recall their mission, expecting them to become light workers and sending out positive energies. Look, we are coming!

We will welcome volunteers who can translate Chinese to English join us. We have a large number of Chinese manuscripts to be translated. There is also much other work to do, including website management, animation production, comic book production and so on. If you want to make your own contribution to the cause of the light we welcome you to become one of us!