The Angel Collective via Karen Vivenzio, July 23, 2019


The Angel Collective via Karen Vivenzio

Children of light –we see you, we hear you, dearest children, we know of your plights, we know you are currently in fear of the truths that may come to bear. For much as you know there have been many crimes going on behind the scenes, you have not let the truth come fully into your awareness, preferring to remain on the periphery of your existence due to the painful nature of the crimes and how much humanity has succumbed to the vibration of fear and the way you have allowed it to control your true nature.

For your true nature is filled with love and light, laughter and joy emanating from you all of the time. The rest is a distraction, a disappointment, discontent to keep you from owning your magnificence.

You have been told that you are ‘no good’, that you have to struggle to amount to ‘something’ of importance in this world.

That is SO UNTRUE!! You were born to be uniquely YOU!

You do NOT have to struggle just to remain who you are.

It is your job to journey in remembrance, not forgetfulness dear ones.

It is your job to listen to your inner wisdom, to your higher self, to ‘tune in’ to the higher vibrations of the angelic realm. To become consciously aware that you are so much more than you seem. To appear out of nowhere the lives of which you have dreamed. For it is all in the making now, the curtains coming down, and all that has been hidden will be in the forefront of your awareness through the news on the televisions and radios and the vibration of clearing that ensues. For it is all coming to the forefront now. It can no longer be hidden or stuffed down. All of the wisdom you have been accumulating throughout your many lifetimes, will rise to the surface of your awareness and help you through these most turbulent changing times. For it has been a herculean effort to get you all where you are now. There is so much tiredness going around. For you have had to be strong and had to fight through the fires of doubt to become uniquely you and you have weathered many storms on your pathway home, but now you have finally arrived at the stake in the ground, the point from which you cannot turn around, and this dear friends is where you will finally find common ground – a reason for hope and embracing and erasing the dividing lines – for there is comfort in healing and you will soon realize all that has been hidden and how it has damaged your lives. For your lives have been filled with lies, and broken homes have occurred because of these most trying times.

It is time to uncover the love in your hearts, to stretch your arms out far and wide, and allow the comfort of the blessing times to usher you into a state that is no longer based on what divides but that which unifies hearts and minds.

For what you will see in the coming days will truly blow all preconceived notions of separation away. People will be holding hands in the streets, walking up to greet everyone you meet. For what you will realize, is the disguise so many have worn, the masks will be taken off and what you will need to do, what you will want to do, is band together in unity and love to erase the pain and the agony of the truths to come.

For you are the beautiful, magnificent, and holy leaders of old. The ancient wisdom teachers, opening the gates to a brand new stage. Releasing the troubles and woes and doubts and fears and allowing the unification of the nation to come about from the revelations at hand and moving across great lands.

There will be no more hiding. There will be no more pretending. The humans will find out just what their leaders have been up to and there will leave no doubt, there is unity in numbers and that love will be your only way now.

The past is gone but you will witness it all.

Saying goodbye to the dangers

Welcoming your neighbors

Lending a helping hand

Spreading your wisdom across many lands

Standing in sorrow and opening your hearts

To the way of the everlasting light of love no matter what belief system or religion you call yourselves dear ones.

For you will see the lines of separation so clear, and why they were put there.

And you will realize that you will no longer allow anyone else to have power over you – that you are in charge and others are in charge of themselves too.

You cannot cower in the corners of despair, it is up to you now to claim the power within and the life you want to lead.

It will have nothing to do with power or control over others, simply what makes you happy – that will be what you lay your claim to dear ones. For no longer will you have the mention of money and its entrapments but you will move more freely in the spirit of sharing and there will be plenty to go around. The stores will be opened and new money passed around.

Rejoicing will be many – and for many reasons it may be, but the true fortune being told is the freedom you will now seek. The confidence in the old ways will return, the way the earth was before ‘evil’ was born – you will now see the lands coming clean and the waters will return quite pristine. Flowers will bloom as will every living thing, as everything blooms in the spirit of harmony. And you will hear the angels sing of love everlasting.

Dream, dream, dream.

For We are your Ancestors, and Your Future Selves, coming to tell you of the journey you will take – rest up now for there is so much at stake, so much for you to do, and so much for you to refrain. For even in these changing times, the memories remain of what it took to get here and the lives you leave behind, for all of you to surrender in the coming times – letting go of fear, allowing newness to draw you near, welcoming in the changes, breathing deep to stay afloat, and knowing beyond all knowing that this is what you came here for. To make a difference, to lend a hand, to help the others who may not understand. So shore up your energy, reserve your strength, there is much that is about to change.

With love and blessings to all our dear friends, we are the Angel Collective welcoming you in, to the heart of Creation, for rest and rejuvenation. We are holding your hands, you are safe in these lands, surrounded by Angels and heavenly teachers of all types, dear friends.

Open your hearts and begin again.

For we are one nation, and we are your dear friends.


With love, light, blessings, and much gratitude – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!