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The Council via Ron Head, April 17th, 2018

The Council – Surfing the Wave

Surfing the WaveThe Council –  Surfing the Wave

You are all aware that there is a vast sea of change, building in intensity, upon your planet. A more accurate description would be that your planet is now becoming more and more deeply immersed in energetic fields that are both creating changes on your world and responding to the changes you are embracing.

Both of those phenomena are manifesting as wave actions. You really are fortunate that it is happening in that manner. Ask anyone who has gone through a total spontaneous awakening if they would recommend it. Even so, it will result in quite a jolt for some. The ‘gifts’ that are making themselves known, from within you, are even now causing some to question their grasp on reality. Well, in reality, you don’t have much of a grasp on reality. Sorry. It’s the expanding awareness of reality that is somewhat of a shock. The breadth of your perception of all of the available information has been severely limited for a very long time.

Even those of you who hear this or see that often have other things that your beliefs restrict you from seeing or hearing. And if that is not a limitation for you, how often do you move physical objects without touching them? How often do you bi-locate? Create physical objects with intention? So, while you have a great deal to congratulate yourselves for, it remains a journey. And these things we have mentioned are not the important bits. You are the important bit.

Now, if we may, let us expand on the visual of the waves. If you’ve never had a chance to go surfing, take heart, you are about to ride the pipeline!

Here we are on Earth Beach. There are is a steady surf building. You have paddled out into the incoming waves. You have been doing this for a while and you are getting quite good at it. As you look around, you can see others up on their boards doing some of the things that you have always loved to see. Perhaps soon you will try some of them. Some people are just sitting on their boards, waiting. Some are looking out to sea, searching for their perfect wave. Once in while, someone who has caught a wave wipes out. You have done that before, also, many times. But that has not detracted from their joy in the experience, nor yours.

As you sit here, waiting for your perfect wave, you can feel the building power of the incoming surf. It is invigorating, exciting. You can feel your wave coming. You know you will be ready. You will be ready for your Event.


That is almost a perfect picture of where you are at this time. Get ready to stand up on your board for the ride of your life! Everything that it took to get you here will prove to have been worth it. This is your day at the beach. Enjoy it!


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