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Veronica Keen – Channeling Montague Keen – April 8, 2018

Since my passing in 2004, I have stated quite categorically that IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING.

Julius Caesar wrote more about the killings in Ireland than most scholars. This man wrote more about it than you find in most books since the 1920s. Caesar was in office in 49BC over 2000 years ago. He wrote, “What a genocide. The Irish are a devastated people. The Irish are a RAPED people. The Irish do not know their own LAND IS A TEMPLE. No psyche is more raped from the dawn of time than the Irish psyche. They know that the Irishman is a deep spiritual core. They know the Irishman is a romantic who loves the Earth. How to co-opt this deep spiritual Irish core? Put in hard core atenists.”

Ireland today remains in the stranglehold of the Vatican. The Cabal has put in place a Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, who will complete the DESTRUCTION OF THE IRISH PEOPLE by bringing in 1 million people from other cultures to dilute their DNA. The Cabal fears Irish DNA. Chemtrails rain down chemicals on the Irish to keep them controlled and asleep to who they are. FEAR has been instilled in them. Some try to raise their heads above the parapet but they always surrender to the fear and then they become abusive and aggressive to anyone who dares to shine a light on the real truth. Then they sink back into their pit of mistrust, hate, and the anger that holds them in control. They are to be pitied, they lack courage. They fear moving into the light where there is no room for anger and hate.

All that will be removed in 2018. You are all aware of the energy changes that are happening every day now. Those who are angry and fearful will cling together. They will seek to destroy those who try to move humanity forward into the light. They will cause as many problems as they can. Misfits are used by the Cabal to obstruct the progress of the light. One can only feel sorry for them. Although they failed in life, they feel it gives them some importance to be able to destroy the light and prevent its progress. They lack courage and they lack the ability to be constructive. So all their energy goes into being destructive. It takes courage to embrace the Light.

You are bombarded by lies every day. All TV news produces the same lies all over the world. Your newspapers are exactly the same. Who decides which lies they will use each day? Who owns them? One has to search for the truth if one wants to know the truth. To survive, it is necessary to know the truth and live by it.

The demands for World War 3 from the shrill, scared voices of the Cabal, become louder every day. Every time you hear them, remind them of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. You will not fall for such lies again. THE SAME PEOPLE WANT WW3 NOW. You are older and, hopefully, wiser. War was never the answer nor will it be now. The Cabal demands war, though no one else has any desire for it. Before the invasion of the parasites, humans lived in peace on Earth.

The energy is expanding. It brings with it the desire to live in peace and harmony with your fellow man. The Cabal is losing control of you. They are scared. Without you, their minions, they are nothing. When you cease to obey them, they are finished and they know it. Their time is fast running out. Only the mindless will try to keep them in power.

Those who have undertaken projects at this time must be aware that many will be used to try to prevent them. You, my dear, can verify that this is absolutely true. Weak-minded people are easily influenced. They will believe whatever lies are put before them. This is how the Cabal operates.

Medication is being used to destroy mankind. Look to nature for whatever your body requires. Never ever vaccinate. Everything is designed to remove humanity from the Earth. Why do you accept what the Cabal tells you? You know who they are, they have made life on Earth a struggle to survive. They create money out of thin air and banks to ensure that you are totally in their control. Everything that you need to survive on Earth is controlled by them. They introduce VIRUSES which they produce in their laboratories to make you suffer and die. The fear and suffering caused by these diseases is oxygen for the Cabal, as they thrive on your fear. They hate and despise humans whom they see as servants, always inferior to them.

Wake up, my friends, see things as they really are, not as you are told they are. You have lived under the SPELL of the Cabal for so long that it is hard for you to face the fact that you have become isolated and imprisoned on your own Earth. You are awakening now, seeing things as they are. You are seeing those who control everything with new eyes, open eyes, and you do not like what you see. You ask yourselves how could you have trusted such evil people. But it was easy, for they were in control and you did not know otherwise. You were trapped in a situation of control, believing that this was all there was to life on Earth.

In reality, you are Beings of Light, having an experience of life on Earth. You are now in the process of taking back your power from the Cabal and releasing the Light of Source, All That Is. When you do this, all will become crystal clear, and the beauty of the Earth will be revealed to you. The sun will shine its light on all that was hidden from you. Humanity will live in peace. All this is in the process of happening in spite of those who try to stop it and those who attack the people who are part of the process. Know that these people were designated to be on the Earth at this time in order to carry out the tasks necessary to take Earth into the Light. Come together, make this awakening a joyous occasion for all on Earth.

My dear, I am so glad that your friend found the signal that was being beamed into your Living room through the telephone terminal. It was causing havoc. It was put there in the night to hurt you. Do not worry about the two who have joined forces to attack you. Look at their empty lives. They are not capable of being constructive so they become destructive. One can only feel sorry for them. What a waste of a life. Pray for them.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


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