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The Council via Ron Head, December 17th

Reality and Illusion – The Council

The CouncilReality and Illusion – The Council

Today we will discuss reality and illusion. These are concepts that have actually seemed to take on reversed rolls. But they are concepts and as such are just as real as anything else. And so we will use them as tools to make a point or two, if we may.

Reality to most of you means material, physical, something that may be seen, felt, measured, and so forth. This is remarkable in this time of having known for over 100 years that everything that meets those definitions is truly made up only of energy fields.

Illusory then, or unreal, would be anything that does not meet the above definition, such as feelings, thoughts, concepts, dreams, the non-physical portions of a living being. And you deny the reality of such things even while declaring your belief in their eternal existence.

May we point out that this causes a somewhat self-generated confusion? It is also not so much that these are considered to be opposites, but that the very similarity of their make-up is being overlooked.

You can easily hold the idea that all light is on a spectrum. You can extend that to include sound, heat, etc. But it does not seem to occur to many of you that you ought also to think of the material and non-material on the same lines. You will eventually realize that something can be more material or less material, more solid or less solid, in the same way as something can be more light or less light. These are all descriptions of differing states of energy. And the only ‘real’ difference among them is what sense mechanism you use to perceive and evaluate it. Even then, there are those among you that hear colors, see tones, and feel both.

So – what is real and what is not? It is all real, friends. And it is all useful if you make it so. It can be argued by many that quite a lot of what is ‘unreal’ to many of you is far more useful and valuable than what is deemed ‘real’.

We would ask you to understand that real and valuable are attributes that something may have only in relation to your lives. The value and reality a thing possesses is only what is given to it by you.

And value is only measurable by comparison to something else. There must be more value, and there must be less value. And in order to determine that, it is reasonable that there must be something of ultimate value. What might that be? What is the thing of ultimate value for humankind?

Well, as much as it seems to have been ignored up until now, may we offer that the only thing that would seem to fit that billing is human life. And to the extent that this is not recognized, that is the extent that living in peace with each other cannot happen.

If another person or country has something that someone else values more than the life of those that have it – we think you can see where this leads. If I am so unsure of what I believe that I must deny what another believes at all cost – that leads to the same place, you see.

So what you see around you is a reflection of the interior states of the majority of those around you. Not news, is it? Now, can you change the interior states of all those around you? Some have tried to do that by taking ‘power’ and declaring that it be so. That doesn’t work for long, if at all.

Some go on life-long crusades. And we cannot deny that progress can be made. But when progress is made in that manner, it is because they have ideas and concepts that, when adopted, actually lead to interior changes in those that adopt them. And only when those new concepts are adopted by what you call a critical mass are they able to make great and lasting change on your world.

Now, does this happen? Oh yes! It happens regularly. And most of you could point out periods in your history when it has happened. Well, here it comes again. As has been stated, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. And the freedom, value, and even divinity of human life is an idea whose time has finally arrived.

It is being denied by many even as they pretend to espouse it. The problem, you see, is that if it applies to one, it must apply to all.

And there we will leave this for today. Make this the season when the value of life is celebrated. Blessings to each of you.


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