Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, December 29th, 2017

The Council – Your Brave New World

At this time each year it is common for you to speculate on what your new year will bring to you. We would say, “What will you choose to experience in your new year?” Understand that we are speaking of manifestation, as you call it. And we will speak of the manifestations that you create together.

Manifestation is the process of moving concepts along what you might envision as a track, from possibility, through probability, to inevitability and realization. When one of you perceives a possibility, he or she often pronounces it and later proves to have been ‘wrong’. That is because possibilities are endless and can be easily changed. Probabilities are quite a bit more likely to occur. And, when the stage of inevitability is reached, you should very likely be getting your boots on.

There are a great many probabilities inbound to your ‘reality’ that you – and when we use the word you today, we will mean all of you – have been working toward for decades, centuries, and even millennia. What you call avatars, christs, holy ones, have been sent to aid you in bringing about the kind of world that man, as a species, has worked for, cried for, and prayed for. The lifting of man to the level of consciousness required for the realization of this possibility has been a long slow process.

But, as with your material progress, although regrettably not in step with it, your inner progress has taken a sharp upward turn and brought you to a critical jumping off point. You are ready to make a leap into a much higher version of yourselves.

Not to mince any words, you have been held back. You have been lied to. And every means at the disposal of those who think they should be in control of you has been used against you. You may now begin to think of that as the past, which we are telling you it surely is.

Now we are not here to discuss what is happening in your current events. We are here to discuss what must happen if you wish to bring all of these manifestations into reality – and to keep them.

At the same time that your controllers were grasping ever greater amounts of power, you were giving up ever greater amounts of responsibility. That is an uncomfortable truth, but it is a truth nevertheless. They have always been few in comparison to your billions. They could not take what you did not give or acquiesce to. It is time to realize that this was much easier for you than keeping yourself informed and involved. One of the tricks used against you was to point out a problem, tell you how dangerous it was, and offer to keep you safe from it. Usually it was a problem that they created. And in your fear, you said yes. Any who did not, were laughed at, ignored, or painted as crazies.

The world that you will be living in one year from now will bear little resemblance to the world you woke up to today. The point of this message is to make you aware that if you continue to allow others to make decisions for you, you may very well lose control once again. “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

Now, a movement has begun to develop, across your marvelous internet, in which many people are taking the responsibility of digging out and sharing information. This has become necessary as your media has increasingly told you only what your controllers want you to know or believe. In future, it will be far better for you to involve yourselves in these kinds of activities, to inform yourselves, and to participate actively in your societies. Only in this way will you keep the brave new world that you are being gifted with. Gifted we say, by many who will never be acknowledged for what they will have done.

Be safe. Be well. Be blessed. Celebrate your new year.


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