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The Council via Ron Head, February 22nd

The Council on Manifesting

manifestingThe Council on Manifesting

We will speak today of a very popular topic in the lightworkers’ world. We will approach it from an angle that you may not have seen before, but that is entirely consistent with all we have said prior to this.

We think we can describe manifesting as the practice of bringing into the physical world those things that one has visualized and desired from one’s non-physical world. That will work for you since you think there is a difference between the two. In reality there is only one world. If you knew that as truth, this would be a non-subject. You would see that it is only a matter of the degree of manifestation.

When most persons think of this topic, it is usually in the context of things, of wealth. They want to manifest a vehicle, a house, money, or perhaps a relationship. They learn all sorts of meditations, incantations, and indeed spend quite a bit of money in the search for the way to do this. And some do get what it is they were wanting. But some always get these things, do they not? And some merely manage to dwell on the fact that they do not have what they have set hearts on. What would you assume that would do?

Now, getting or not getting something in one’s outer world, according to what we have been at pains to help you understand, is only a reflection of the state of one’s being. And since that is the case, where would be the most effective place to center one’s efforts? Why, it would be most effective to change what is in one’s inner world and therefore, without fail, watch the outer change to reflect it. And there is a ‘kicker’ involved here.

No matter what you dream up, you will never envision something that you do not think you deserve or that you think is not possible. We promise you that your inner self does not recognize those restrictions.

So what are we recommending that you work on? Why not change everything? Dedicate yourselves to manifesting you. Become the hands, feet, heart, and body that manifests the highest and best of who and what you are.

If you make progress, and you will, you will see changes in your outer world that you would not have imagined.

This has been a rather short message today, but one that contains truth. We will work tirelessly with all who take this to heart.

Blessings, dear friends.


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