Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, February 21st

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Many channels have now spoken about the time being right for changes. These are changes that will happen both within you and on the outside. It is that no changes can happen if changes not first have happened within. The more people that find their way to their heart and then send out heart based energies it has the effect that this energy becomes stronger in the collective. This in turn allows more people to find the way to their heart. The numbers increase all the time, since there are many people on our Earth today who are seekers.

These are people who seek a different and deeper meaning with their lives than they can find in the 3-D reality they live in today. More and more see the meaninglessness in all the violence they see around them and they seek a different reality. He who seeks will find, as it is written. It is a truth that surely many of you have experienced. Some stumbling in the beginning, but then it has gone more or less straight forward. The stronger you are in your will to change your inner world, the more you will be able to change. You grow with the task so to speak.

Many have now taken that step and the collective is starting to dominate in the Light. Thus it is time for various changes on Earth. The currency changes are already on their way. The monies are in the right places. The shifts in governance are in the balance. It is only a question of time. The right conditions must be there and it will happen at the exact right time. The Light is increasing all the time and provides the conditions that are required for all to happen in a good way, for all concerned.

We do not want to cause chaos considering that a large part of the Earth population is still unaware about what is happening. But it is beginning to stir a little also in their hearts as the Light now has reached a vibration level that effects all life on Earth. All information that they can reach is in the collective consciousness. This means that their process will be a bit faster. We are all One, so they should thank their brothers and sisters for this. Just as they will thank them for being willing to wake up and help Earth in its large transformation. We are in this together and help with all that we can. Part of this can be to want to wake up in spite of the difficult experiences they have suffered. These difficult experiences are dissolved in the collective and it gives mankind a push forward. All fears that are dissolved in the collective increase of the Light there.

So please understand that you are all an important part of each other. Help and support each other as much as you can, but remain standing in your own Light. The Light and the Love in your soul is the most important now. Those that want to be helped give a positive response, others you can just send Light to, and hopefully this can light a flame in their hearts.

We send as much Light as we can and surround you with Light. Stand solidly in the Light and Love will come pouring to you. The time is right to take the first step into your new reality.

With so much Love,



Translation from Swedish to English: Per Staffan