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The Council via Ron Head, February 8th, 2018

The Council – Avoiding the Traps

Today we want to speak with you about the traps that are intentionally laid for you to keep you embroiled in the duality. You are divided into parties, races, ins and outs, moneyed and not, liberals and conservatives, and on and on. These are taught to you through all of the media, through cultural systems, passed down from generation to generation, and then built upon. The influences are often subtle, subliminal, and extremely effective.

Think of this: if someone had offered to teach young you to hate others, would you have said “Yes, please”? If someone had offered to teach you to get violently angry at others because they did not think the same thoughts as you, would you have thought it desirable? All that is needed is to observe a mixed group of five-year-olds to see that they do not have any such thoughts.

There is a very effective method to teaching these things to you. Very subtly, over many years, you learn that “they” want what you have, that “they” are dangerous,  and that you need to protect yourselves from “them”. These programs are built into all of your systems. And to ‘prove’ that this is true, you are taught that there is not enough… of anything.

This is not new to those of you who have followed these messages for a while. Nor will it take much for you to see that there is actually a structure above the left/right, we/they, etc. that doesn’t really care which side of anything you choose as long as you do choose. It is the division that they promote. Why? Because they profit from both sides of all the arguments, etc.

“Well now, that’s all wonderful to know, but what do I do about it?” We hear you. We are not saying that you should not discern what you agree with and what you do not. But please consider that it is one thing to say that you hold something to be true or beneficial, and quite something else to think that if someone else doesn’t agree they should be (fill in the blank). There are seven billion of you on your planet. Some of them are not going to agree with you.

We are going to suggest that you learn to do a few things. First, we think it will be good for you to learn to choose what to think based on what you know to be true from your experience, not on what someone else has told you. You have access through your devices to more data than any humans have ever had before. Don’t allow yourselves to be led into anything by having your fears played upon. If you recognize that happening, know that it is almost certainly a fact that you are being manipulated. When you make a choice, make it your own choice, not anyone else’s. And most importantly, learn to observe and send light and understanding to what you do not choose. Every other person has an equal right to make his or her own choices, whether or not you agree with them… every other person.

We want you also to realize that what is happening now, although it seems like chaos, is just mankind’s finally facing himself/herself in the mirror. You must see what you have built and what you have allowed. You must learn who you are and that you are the creators that have made your world. That is how you will become able to stop what you wish to stop and keep what you wish to keep. It looks terrible. It is actually quite beautiful… because you are doing wonderfully. Try to be the one who does wonderfully without condemning anyone else. Remember always, the light never loses to the dark. Who ever flipped the dark switch?


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