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The Council via Ron Head, January 13th, 2019

Just Be – The Council

January 13, 2019

In answer to the following question, we will explain why we can urge you to just be your best version of your best self.

“Some souls may be more introvert than others. Souls that are more silent, but still willing to assist in any way possible. And as such I wonder; a less talkative soul, solely offering a listening ear whenever it seems to be needed most, is he/she also providing assistance in accordance to its own Divine plan..”

On your world at this time there are about seven billion individual expressions of humanity. No two of these expressions is exactly like another. There are, however, as you know, quite a few traits that are common to many. There are entire systems that you have developed to define and explain these personality types. Some use psychology, some use astrology, and some just use the old he’s-like-this or she’s-like-that method.

There are “fire sign” people, “water sign” people, Type A personalities, introverts, go getters, and wall flowers. Consider, please, that each and every person is exactly where they are needed and exactly where they need to be. Your Source does not make mistakes. It is not in the habit of wasting your lives. Nothing is done TO you, as has been said. Everything is done FOR you.

All of these ideas are beautiful. They look good and relatively easy to understand when you look around you. But, dear hearts, they also apply to you. You are where your Highest Self needs you to be, to do what you need to do, to learn what you need to learn, to teach what you need to teach. And quite the major part of teaching is done by example.

If one is a person who is able to run INTO a burning building to be of service, then by all means do so. Live that life. If one is a teacher of children, by all means do so. If one is a loving mother who can get a child through the early years with a wonderful appreciation of their own worth, then please do that.

There are, in your societies, things that you call jobs, occupations. Go back to when these began. They began with a person seeing how they could benefit themselves by doing something for others that the others needed but would gladly have someone else do for them. The one who would wash clothing became laundries. The one who could manage money became banks. The ones who could build became contractors or architects. Do you see? They are all offshoots of someone’s idea of how to provide a service.

But you have also developed a tendency to rank and judge the relative worth of these services and of their providers. Then you measure yourself by how you fit into that ranking. And the ranking is given TO you as you grow up. You didn’t create it, it was taught to you. Now, we will tell you that a mother who protects and raises a child is doing a far more important service than a person who is able to throw a ball through a hoop from several yards away. We think that that should be easy to see. A man who cleans a building every night is providing a valuable service. In the kitchen at your favorite eating place there is a person who is good at cooking a meal. There is also at least one person who washes dishes and utensils. How well would the establishment run if the dish washer were not there?

And your world has billions of needs that are being filled by individuals. Truly, each of them is of worth.

Now the problem arises for you when you accept that you are not as worthy as another, or that he is not as worthy as she. Every person is a divine expression teaching and learning and being of service in some manner. There is not one person who is more worthy or less worthy than any other. Of course that is not how very many of you see things, is it? It may be recognized as an ideal, but your daily lives are based on the old, learned story.

So, to answer your question, please understand that you brought within yourself exactly what was going to be needed where you were going to be. If you are a listener and a giver of attention, know that listening and paying attention are among the most healing things you can offer another. You can know that by how it makes you feel when someone truly pays attention and listens to you.

We also want to say that you add a valuable note to the symphony that is humanity’s vibrational chorus just by being you. Raise your own vibration and it raises the whole. Just be you. Just be. Just be the best you know how to be. That is truly all you can do anyway, is it not?

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