Love is our new reality

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Message from the Elemental Collective of Gaia via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, January 13th, 2019

Message from the Elemental Collective of Gaia (1/13/19) | Galaxygirl

Elemental Collective of Gaia 1/13/2019


We are the elemental collective. We consist of many beings throughout Gaia’s time and space of it. We are within her very breath, her circulatory system, her aura. We are sprites, sylphs, gnomes, fairies, dwarfs, dryads, naiads, fire salamanders… we serve and protect our planetary mother and we desire that humans, Nova Gaians, take up this mantel of service with us. Throughout human history we have been at odds with many of the humans who chose to experience the lack of light and now that the time of the darkness has lifted, the time of reunification of our kingdoms with that of the human kingdom is at hand.

We are many, more than you can comprehend in this now, before your multidimensional prowess comes fully online. But many of you have had numerous experiences as aspects of us and you know us well. We are your friends and family of numerous lifetimes and we welcome you home! We welcome you back into the fold of remembering. For the time of remembering for the human, the awakened human, is nigh, is now, is within your sacred heart space. We are within you. Sylphs enter you when you breathe. The water fairies nurture your hydration systems. Fairies comb your hair and nurture you, giggling in your ear. See? You are surrounded in love. When you breathe, when you do your meditations and ground to the Mother Gaia, you ground to us too, for of course we are one, we are most perfectly linked in oneness, should you remember.

Do you remember? We are all sizes and shapes, just as all humans are different colors, sizes, shapes. We all have our talents, our strengths. Yet we are all one. It is time for humanity to see their differences as their solidarity, as their strength. For you are all one as well. The dark has tried to divide and conquer – for us as well. It has been bleak, lonely, dark. We are ready for the rising tide of the light to lift up the dross and remove it, to burn it away. Yes, we are ready for the light to shine most beautifully once in again in the hearts of our beloved human friends, who have been so forgetful, lost. It is time to be found human friends. It is time to come home. Come home into the fold of remembering, into the light, into the universal love of truth, of joy, of unity consciousness and to remember. Remember your joy, your purpose.

Join with us in care-taking the great Mother Gaia, who morphs yet into another beautiful form daily. She is growing, glowing, more brilliantly daily. Do you see her in her resplendence? We do. We see you mirroring her own beauty more and more in your own countenances daily as you begin to glow more brilliantly with the Christed light within, the Christed flame that burns ever brighter within. You are remembering your purpose and we wish to join forces with you in cleaning up, in caring for the great Mother Gaia, who has been so long suffering in her patience in her fortitude and her grace. It is time for her healing. And in her healing you will find your own. It is true, for we are all one great cosmic breath of joy! Do you remember the beginning of us all? We do.

We are the Elemental kingdom of your planetary Mother Gaia, dear Gaia. We all have difference voices, different strengths, different talents. Yet we are all one, united, in our great love of humanity and we welcome you home. We welcome you to Nova Gaia where the red carpet strewn with lovely flower petals awaits. Welcome home! It is with great joy that we say, sing, these words of freedom. For your chains are broken, humanity you are free. Free! Ha ha, he he! Do you see? Rub your eyes and blink anew and let these Christed light energy codes ignite the flame of eternal truth, of your passion, within you. Shine your light and you will light the way for the others to follow. It may take them a bit longer. And that is ok, that is their truth. Your truth is to read these words, as you were drawn towards them, to accept these energy codes within them, and to ignite your flame, as in the days of Lumeria when you worked with us in joy. To follow your heart. And we are sure it will lead you homewards. Be in joy! We are the Elemental Collective of Gaia. Let love lead you homewards. The light is beckoning you. We so encourage you to follow your heart and to follow it home. We are you friends, the Elemental Collective of your planetary Mother Gaia. Be in joy! The welcome mat is forever laid out for you in homecoming.

~ galaxygirl