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The Council via Ron Head, January 19th, 2018

The Council – Divide and Control

We will speak with you today about a tactic that has been used to control what you think and how you think in order to keep the social conversation under control. You have been fed a constant diet of polarization. You have been divided into two ‘sides’ on almost every issue you can think of. When there are two sides, the possibilities are limited. When a conversation begins that is outside of the preferred boundaries, and if that conversation threatens the position of those who think of themselves as privileged and powerful, the topic is dubbed conspiracy, it is laughed at.

This, in itself, would be an anchor that would hold humanity down in its attempts to raise its consciousness. But in the last several years, these divisions, these embers of dissension, have been fanned to a very dangerous level.

Once there was a time when certain topics were not discussed because they were uncomfortable. Now they cannot be discussed without plunging into almost rabid hate-speech.

We would suggest that it is time, and it is necessary, for all to step back and realize that you have been carefully led into this situation. When someone tells you that THEY are telling you the truth, and those other people are dangerous liars, it is time for you to dig out the truth for yourselves. It is definitely NOT the time for you to begin condemning others because of what someone else has told you, even if it has been said repeatedly and loudly over long periods of time.

Perhaps it is also time to realize that most things that benefit the lives of humans would benefit all humans. Humans that live thousands of miles apart, and who live in widely disparate cultures, desire the same things for themselves and their families. And if they see a way to gain and provide those things, they do not wish to take them away from others. The idea of lack and shortage is also a tool of control. It is perpetrated by those who think they ‘need’ all of it, whatever it is.

Currently you live in a world that includes vast riches, beyond your abilities to picture them, and also utter exposure and starvation. We will tell you that if every living human were to have food, shelter, and opportunity in equal measure, your world would be far better off than you can imagine. Just think of the millions that are not being allowed to contribute anything. Is this because most of you don’t wish it? No, it is because some feel threatened by the idea. They live and teach the principle of “if they have it, I can’t have it”.

We would have you at least explore the idea that if it is good for me, it might be even better for me if we all have it. Your world, as it is presently constructed, is about as far from the ideals that your societies pretend to espouse as it is possible to get, regardless of how you prefer to think. Did you decide that was what you wanted? Or was it what you were born into and led further into?

Now, this is changing. It will change. There is no ‘might change’ about it. A critical mass of intention has been reached. Attempts have been made to derail or delay the changes that are underway. But all that has accomplished is to insure that when the proverbial dam breaks, the flood will be even greater.

It is truly time now for each to decide that it might be better to find areas of common concern, common belief, and common welfare. Perhaps instead of having wars against this and wars against that, it would be better the have efforts for this and projects for that. Time to change the dialog.

It is time to begin finding common ground, common purpose, and areas of cooperation. Left to yourselves, this has always been how you lived. War, with weapons or with words, has been taught. It is NOT normal. Fear is NOT normal. Lack is NOT normal. Nor is total conformity. Diversity is beauty. Think about why you go where you go on your vacations.

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