The Council via Ron Head, January 20th, 2019

YOU vs you – The Council

January 20, 2019

Today we will discuss some of the qualities of YOU vs you. What are you growing into? More accurately, what qualities does your True Self possess that your incarnated self is learning to embody on this plane?

Now, before we really get into this, let us make it clear that there is no more separation between YOU and you than there is between you and your big toe. You are an aspect of, a part of, YOU. And your ultimate goal is to remember that fact and allow it to be demonstrated as true here, in this life.

One of the obstacles to that is that you have bought into the concept that there is a real difference between the two. There is a veil. There is no way a human being can become anything so wondrous, magical, and divine. And we will say, your are correct. There is no way to ‘become’ what you already are.

You make statements that admit to this, yet you contradict those statements in the next breath. God is love. There is only love. God is in everything. (But not in him.) Everything is holy. But I could never be. I forgive. But I could not possibly be forgiven for THAT! He should be punished, damned! God is in everyone.

Now, we will say this, either everything is holy, or nothing is. Why? Because God is the Creator of everything, and there is nothing else to create everything out of. Correct? Even you. Even you. Even you.

So, what are the differing qualities between you, the big toe, and YOU, the SELF? Understand that if this SELF were able to be defined and explained, it would have been long ago. But we can point out some of the characteristics that it holds.

The True Self is. There is no past self. There is no future self. One cannot explain the eternal to the linear mind. It just is. So it is, among other things, all of the incarnate beings, and all of the discarnate beings that it can be said to have ever been. And you are one of those.

It is aware of this. It has lived many times. It has ‘died’ many times. It does not fear. From its perspective, there is nothing to fear.

It does not lack. It knows that all of the created universe is available to it.

It does not judge itself or anything else. First, there is nothing ‘else’. Then, it sees only the perfection that everything is.

It knows its power. “Behold! I make all things new.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the you that does not know its own power, does not realize that its own disbelief is all the power it needs to maintain its unreal, but perceived, separateness. Its own judgment of itself is all it needs to deny its own divinity. Its own acceptance of the judgments others make of it, show a belief in its lack of perfection. Its fear of becoming what it actually already is, is what it perceives as veils, blockages, judgment by the Divine, etc.

Conversely, the acceptance of the possibility of the embodiment, and the becoming of the self as the manifested Self, is what you are calling ascension. And it has been in process for several of your years. Your bodies are actually becoming able to handle this higher energy. Your baggage is being jettisoned. And the ascension is ongoing.

Some of you see what is occurring for others and you judge yourselves for not having the same. Meanwhile, those others might very well wish to have what they see in you. This is a process. And each of you must start where you are.

What we see as instant, in terms of the expanse of ALL, you see as “Are we there yet?” You could be in great joy if you took the time to appreciate each step as you go through it, took joy in her growth, enjoyed his change. And we urge you to constantly remind yourselves that this is a collective experience. Each and every upward step that one takes contributes to the ascension of all.

We have taken the time to go through all of this because, as your questions reach us, it is obvious to us that at least half of them could be answered if they were thought about in the light of what we have just explained. You will not understand what we have said as long as you read it through the lenses of your past teachings, dogmas, and beliefs. But much will begin to change for you if you can begin to allow the possibility of these concepts. The more that you incorporate them into your lives, the quicker and more complete your personal change will be.

We offer you our unconditional love and support. You are, after all, from your viewpoint, other aspects of us. For you, a possibility. For us, a given.

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