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The Council via Ron Head, March 2nd, 2018

the councilThe Council – So Much Is Going On Now

There is so much happening in your world at this time that is extremely important for your growth and for the shaping of the world that you will be living in that we can hardly address all of it in one message. By breaking all of it into two categories, we can at least give each of you something that will apply to you.

Of course, what most attracts attention is what occurs in the observable world that appears to be outside of you. And that seems to be increasingly sinking into utter chaos. Not understanding the function of chaos, this is very distressing for you. A few of you may be able to traverse this time by understanding that chaos is the necessary state from which all order is birthed. It is only a sea of unlimited potential. It is only necessary to know what exactly decides what potential will be realized from it. Call that your homework assignment. You might complete it in a few seconds… or a few years. What does your knowing say?

Some of you may choose to participate in the deconstructing and reconstructing that is proceeding as you read this. Others will not be comfortable with that and will choose to await an outcome or to influence the field with intention and self- evolution. Each may do as he or she desires, but be sure you make a conscious choice and do not any longer let life, or others, dictate your course.

As you may have deduced, the other option is to make the changes in yourselves that will best influence the human consciousness field. Now there is an oriental concept that the most can be done by doing nothing. This is not something easily understood by those in your western societies. Perhaps you may think of it as moving the field from within by thought and intention. You cannot make a change within that does not affect what lies without. If you make this choice, it may be best for you to apply yourself to it diligently in order to preclude feeling later that you could have or should have done more.

Now, we tell you that you will each do what you perceive to be the best and that you are the only one that passes judgment upon your actions. Your divine being is only concerned with “what did I learn from that?” and “what else can I learn?” Consider also that the question may be “what did I teach with that?” Usually both will apply to some degree. You do not see that because you do not consider yourself as part of a whole… yet.

This being the case, you may also wish to see that all of those around you are merely doing the same. What if the casting director could not find anyone willing to be the bad guy? What if your current life was one in which you knew everything? Might you be a little bored? But there is nothing to worry about there. In an ever-expanding multi-verse, there will always be more.

Some things will be ‘uppers’. Others will be ‘downers’. You will not always agree which is which. Try to live a life that you will look back on and say, “Wow! That was fun.”


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