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Saint Germain via James McConnell, February 25th, 2018


Saint Germain

Yes, as many of you know I AM St. Germain. I AM here now with you to continue this program that we started some time ago; that we all started some time ago.

And when I speak of time now I speak of the many lifetimes, the myriad of lifetimes we have had together many of us. All of the changes and shifts that are occurring throughout the planet that you are the catalyst for as you came here to go about your various missions. And going about those missions you are doing. You have been experiencing much. Much in your own personal lives as you have moved through this particular life. Many of you have had various illnesses, have had various confrontations in your life, obstacles that you have needed to overcome.

Many of you have arrived now at this point. Many of the obstacles have been overcome.

Now you stand at the threshold of a new life, of a new shift in consciousness that many of you are feeling now at this point. You are feeling the energies swirl around you. In many cases those energies enter you as well. You feel the energies move into you. In some cases it is far into you but in other cases many of you welcome those energies, you know of those energies. You have felt them before. Not here in this evolution but you have felt them from wherever you came from; in those times that you came from other systems. And in those systems all that you did at that time to overcome the processes that were involved then you are now facing those same processes; those same obstacles that you once faced and that you once overcame.

I speak now of those of you that are the system busters the ones that have moved from system-to-system, planet-to-planet. And you have heard the saying, ‘you have been there and done that before.’ You have. Many of you, most of you have done this before. And it only takes now a remembrance. And those memories are beginning to come back to many of you. And those that have not received the memories, you will. You are destined to remember. You came here to remember. You came here to remember the ancient histories, the ancient knowledge.

And as you remember the ancient knowledge you are then able to impart it to all of those around you, to all of those that would listen, that would lend an ear, that would even allow you to just whisper. As they receive this whisper it then opens something within them and the Light be within them. The flame within them begins to flicker more. And they, just as you have, then seek out more understanding, more remembrances, themselves.

This is how the Light spreads from one to another until one day you will witness hands across the planet as I have shared. Not figuratively, necessarily, but ideologically. So it is time for all of you to begin to do this visualization process. Each and every day visualize the world that you want. Visualize the changes that you are looking for.

And know, as the energies continue to move into you it will move you into a higher level of consciousness, into those higher vibrations. And in those higher vibrations you will find the necessity to then find the quiet time within you and allow that quiet time to move you into a new level of understanding within you.

This is the promise for all of you. This is why you are here. This is why we are here working with you, helping you, assisting you to assist us.

Many of you are awaiting the announcement of NESARA. Many of you are awaiting the announcement of the revaluation of currencies. I tell you now that is close, all of it. Before this can come into fruition completely, before you can fully realize this dream, those ones that have blocked this up to now must be removed one way or another. And once they have been, once they are no longer in control, then you will realize your dreams … your dreams … our dreams of a New Golden Age here upon the planet.

Do all that you can now to continue to awaken your brothers and sisters; any way that you can; any way that you feel guided. Do not shy away from this. Become the warriors of Archangel Michael the warriors of peace and love. For you, each and every one of you, are the Light on this planet.

I AM St. Germain. I leave you now with the Violet Flame purging within each and every one of you. Feel it now. Know that it has moved into you and it is purging out whatever the old paradigm and programming within you that no longer serves.



 Channeled by James McConnell

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