Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, October 13th, 2017

The Council – Create a world of peace

You are painfully aware, in some locations, that there is quite a bit of almost chaotic activity around you. There are also surprising occurrences in many of your personal lives. Some of what is happening to and around you is very welcome. Some of it is not.

We will say to you that every circumstance will be seen to have positive effects when you are able to apply your hindsight. This will, of course, not be soothing to those who have lost home, career, or even the lives of some they loved. We are not going to even attempt to make palliative statements here. If you have a circumstance that elicits your grief, then grieve you should.

What we wish to point out to all today is that all of these events, as trying as they are, are bringing about a massive growth in the compassion and the understanding of deep connection that all of you have for and with one another.

We also wish to bring to your awareness that there are still greater shocks just behind the curtains, waiting to be released. And the compassion and connectedness will certainly help you, as a civilization, to deal with what must come.

New buildings cannot stand in places where old buildings still exist. Cakes do not contain whole eggs.  If you wish to live in a changed world, then it must change.  And almost all of you have asked, at least once, for the changes to accelerate. Actually, they are not so much accelerating as they are coming to a head.

Now, it may be time for many of you to stop and remember something that you are already aware of, but tend to forget. This is not happening to you. In many ways it is not even happening for you. It is being done BY you. And much greater parts of yourselves than you, most of you, are currently aware of are hard at work on these things.

Now, you tend to have your attention drawn to the ways in which you are being “messed with”. But may we say that those greater parts of you, those parts that have been busily becoming more the predominant parts,  are far more powerful, especially in their collectiveness, than those doing the messing. And this is becoming more and more undeniable. If we may – You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with God. And you, my friends, are His/Her agents-in-place, and you are increasingly awakening to that fact. You want to know what power really is? Power is what you are going to witness when you finally get told what has been done.

We are, however, going to request that those of you who understand all of this be prepared to urge restraint and forgiveness. Retaliation has never been a good idea, and it will not be now. Remember that you have wanted a world of peace. Create a world of peace. You have all been in illusion. Some have been in it far deeper than others. If they ask for forgiveness, as divine beings, they should receive it and be allowed to make amends.

Be sure you know where your party shoes are. If you don’t have any, get some. You will need them soon.


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