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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, October 12th, 2017

Mother Mary

Thursday, 12 oktober, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I have a message for your today. There is much happening on our Earth even if it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Preparations for building up the new Earth have already started. In some countries developments are already under way. There is much that needs to be connected and put together, and it is a large and dear task dear children on Earth. Do not fill your hearts with doubts, but fill them with song and joy. See beyond your egos and understand that a new and beautiful world is at the doorstep. It is your door dear children – your door that you just need to open and pick up the beautiful rose that lays there. Add it to your heart and you will find the truth there – Your truth my beautiful wonderful children, you truth you can find there and nothing or nobody can take it away from you. It is only you that can find it, it is written for you. Seek in your heart dear children on the Earth. All your answers you can find there. I know we have said this many times before, but it is worth repeating until you all have found it. It is so easy to get distracted by all the information that is pouring over you, but no information is as important as that which you have in your own heart. You have all guidance there. Get to know your own voice and you will never again have to hesitate about which direction to go. Trust your silent true voice inside you and let go of what does not feel good. It might not be the easiest path for you to follow, but it is the best way and accordance with your contract. It will lead you all the way home. It is towards your home that you now have decided to go. It is the light that beckons your souls now and they try in all possible ways to get you to go in that direction. It is the light that is starting to glimmer in your souls and they are trying their utmost to get you to head towards the light. They reach out for more light and want to fill your whole heart with light and love.

It is a dance taking place on Earth now – a dance to the light. The light beams down on Earth and your souls want to dance in this splendid light. Let it do so, you dear children on Earth. Let your souls dance in the light and feel the love and joy there. It is then that you understand where you are heading and which path you should follow. Follow the heart dear children on Earth – follow your heart and you will notice that you soon can walk with light and bouncing steps. Everything will be revealed for you and your vision will become clear and sharp. Today I want to emphasize that you should find your answers within you. This is where you find the answers to yourselves. Somebody else cannot have the answers for you. It does not work that way since you have done so many and unique journeys. No journey is the other alike. You have only your own unique journeys and then you have only your own unique answers – answers that fit the journey that you today are in the process of experiencing. It is a very unique and special journey that carries you and your Earth home again. Think of this my dear children – you have a unique journey to carry out. Listen inside and follow the guidance that comes up there and you will see that you walk with light feet on Earth again.

I know that many of you think this a steady stream of repeats, but I can see that many have a hard time to focus on their heart and to be sure that what they hear are the right answers. Practice is needed to distinguish the voice of your heart from that of your mind. Your mind has a tendency to stir things around a bit and sometimes it can be hard to set them apart. If it is a light and beautiful message it is always your heart. It can also ask you to be brave and to take a step in a direction that you had not considered, but if it feels good in the moment it certainly is the right one. The mind will certainly come up with objections, but hold on to the feeling and be open for new possibilities. Do not be afraid to try something new. Listen and feel to determine if this is something good for you. Do this in a moment of stillness and calm. The clear answers that appear might surprise you, but at the same time give you the push you need to move on now.

This is what I want you to take in and think about now dear children on Earth. I love you so much and I can see how you strive to make it as good as possible. It is now time for the light my dear ones and this is what you all have strived for. It is now that the tone of joy and love will resound all over Earth. This tone has already started my dear ones so listen carefully to it, it can be heard deep inside your heart. It is a wonderful time with many hearts that sound the same tone and I long so for you all to wake up and see the light world that again is being built up.

Much love,

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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