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The Creators via Daniel Scranton, February 16th, 2018

Respecting Different Points of View and the People Who Hold Them ∞The Creators

“So there are many different opinions out there, many different points of view, many who would choose to look at a situation in a way that is not only different from yours, but is absolutely opposed to yours. You have ‘hot button’ topics in your world. You have things that everyone is focusing upon, and many are focusing upon in one way, and many are focusing upon in another way.

And so you set up your little camps of what it is you believe, what it is you are in favor of, and what it is you stand for, and you dig your heels in. Even if your stance is that this thing doesn’t matter, that is still a stance you’re taking, as long as you are attaching yourself to that perspective. Then it is a situation where you are creating lines that divide.

It is quite all right for you to have a point of view. It is quite all right for you to express your point of view. It is also very supportive and serves you and your fellow humans very well to allow others to have whatever perspective they have. And to honor them. It is quite normal that you would all have a different point of view, because you have all had quite different experiences that have led you to where you are today. And we are not even talking about other lifetimes, where you originate from in this universe, and so on.

What is a wonderful thing to us is to see two people who have very different points of view on very many topics still being able to relate to one another as human beings and as beings of love and light, existing at the same time and same place, allowing one another to have different points of view and respecting each other. That is what we want most for you. It is harmony. It is releasing judgment of others for being in the opposing viewpoint camp and knowing that ultimately that these differences in opinion that you have are what make this world so special.

So give one another a break, cut your neighbor some slack and know that by allowing another to have a different point of view and loving them anyway, you help to create a world where no one feels the need to terrorize anyone else.”