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The Creators via Daniel Scranton, February 17th, 2018

You Are Everything ∞The Creators

“Say that you are a part of All That Is, and notice that you still want to be separate. You still want to have your boundaries. You are given the choice of being who you really are or being a fragment of who you really are. You can make this distinction easily.

There are no others who are exactly like you, but you do all contain the same basic ingredients. So how can that be? Well, you think that there is a point at which you end and another begins, but there really is no point where the two beings diverge.

So how can you make sense of all of this? When you are being your full self, your most authentic self, you are not thinking about being separate, or standing out, or making your mark as an individual. You are conscious of your connection to all beings, and that is what inspires you. That is your primary purpose — to know yourself as every aspect of Source.

So you see the question of individuality becomes irrelevant when you are in that state. You don’t care about being the unique version of you that you sometimes know yourself as. It is simply taking on a different perspective. It is not a change in who you are. You need not change who you are. But from where you are, from your perspective, you can change your awareness.

Awareness is the key. It is what gives you your knowingness of the truth of your nature. It eliminates the need for any type of segmentation of Source. You don’t care, in other words, about any of this. You simply are. You are One. You are everything. And that is a feeling that is worth having.”