The Creators via Daniel Scranton, January 4th, 2018

Let Go of Who You Have Been ∞The Creators

Let Go of Who You Have Been ∞The Creators

“Before you can begin a new life, you must let go of the one that you have been living. It must be a conscious practice for you. You will find that the letting go will be something that will be enjoyable in the long run. As you release your attachments to things, and people, and goals, you also release attachment to the version of yourself that you have been. That was a lovely experience, full of wonder, excitement, and also with sorrow, letdowns, anger, remorse.

So letting go of that self means letting go any sense of identity that you once gleaned from experience, accomplishments, status, and so on. Those were always temporary and were more ways for you to play out your idea of separation and your dramas to give you reasons to feel things.

And now it is time for you to be completely new in every moment. And to be completely new in every moment means to release attachment to who you were five seconds ago. You are not the sum total of everything that you have ever done and said and thought. You are so much more. You are pure potential. You are infinite Energy and you are limitless creation.

When you are willing and able to release attachment to former self, to forget everything that you have learned, to take a moment to consciously set yourselves free, you will find that there is nothing standing in between you and a reality that up until now only existed in your dream state. Welcome to the new you.”

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