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The Creators via Daniel Scranton, July 9th, 2018

Pay Attention to the Distractions ∞The Creators

“When there is something that you find distracting in your presence, when something is grabbing your attention, you cannot look away, you cannot ignore, there is something there for you to discover. Whatever it is, there is a reason why you are attracted to the distraction, to the noise, or the imperfection, or the person that you cannot seem to remove your awareness from.

It is important for you to acknowledge these things, and not to simply think that they are fundamentally distracting to anyone who would experience them. It is distracting to you, and it is distracting to you for a reason that you can discover with a little digging. Of course, everything that you come across in your reality, everything that you experience in your reality is put there by you. And you have the tools necessary to discover the meaning of what it is that you have put in your path.

So, when something is distracting you, we want you to go more deeply into it. If it is a sound, close your eyes, pay attention to the noise. What is the noise triggering in you? If it is something you cannot look away from, look as intently as you possibly can at it to allow it to have the effect that you wanted it to have. Again, if something is getting your attention, that is a good thing. It is very purposeful. And it is your work to discover what purpose you had in mind for it.

Usually, the thing that is distracting to you is something you hold resistance to. And if you hold resistance to something, then there is something for you to clear. And clearing is a necessary process, it is a necessary step in your evolution. So you might as well take advantage of the fact that you have noticed the distraction and make use of that.

Take your time and be easy with yourself through this process. These things may seem like minor annoyances, but usually there is much more behind them to be discovered. And it will be quite liberating for you to release what it is you are resisting so that you can go throughout your day being aware and being focused on what you choose to focus on. This is an experience that you desire to have and an experience that you will have. We can promise you that.”