The Creators via Daniel Scranton, May 25th, 2018

You Are All Beings of Love ∞The Creators

“We begin by giving you a simple message. That is that you are Beings of Love. We know that you don’t always feel that you are being a Being of Love, and we know that you can look around you and decide that something that someone else is doing is not congruent with that statement. But you are all Beings of Love, and believe it or not, everything that anyone else, including yourself, is doing is an act of Love.

Now, you may ask yourself, ‘How can this be? How can doing something horrible to another person be an act of Love?’ Well, you see, in order to have that experience, someone had to request that experience. And in order for another being to agree to perform that act, the villain would have to love the victim very, very much. So you see, there really are no villains and no victims, because it is all an agreement. But you cannot see the agreement from your vantage point, because from your perspective the person who is being persecuted in one way or another was not asking for it. And that is true from a certain perspective.

But as Beings of Love, as your True Selves, you are asking, you are wanting to have a variety of experiences. And in order for you to have the full spectrum of experiences, you must once in a while, play the villain and/or the victim. And you can see how this all allows you to feel many different things – a wide range of emotions. And what is the point of that? Well, the point is to have experience and to use that experience to further your expansion and to further your knowing of yourselves as All That Is, which includes the full spectrum of emotions.

When you consider that there are many, many, many, many beings on your planet, you can understand that all of those beings are coming here with their very specific and very unique purposes, intentions, desires. And that is why you see so much around you that seems chaotic, because of that diversity. And as a Being of Love, your job is to support.

Your job is to see it all as it truly is, to allow yourselves to feel and then to send your frequency of Love to the situation, because that is how you experience yourselves as Unconditional Love, which is another aspect of All That Is. So you find yourselves in the midst of your own lives and your own dramas. And all of that is necessary to help you to understand what it is others are experiencing, so that you can have compassion and so that you can give Unconditional Love to their situations.

It is your True Nature to look upon this world and to see only Love being Love. And that is what you are moving towards.”