The Creators via Daniel Scranton, November 6th, 2018

Integrating the Aspects of What You Do ∞The Creators

Integrating the Aspects of What You Do ∞The Creators

“So, there are many choices that you face throughout your day, and there are many ways in which you can approach each choice. There is the perspective of what it is that you as an individual are seeking to get out of the two choices or three choices or however many choices you have, and which one looks the most tempting. Also, you can look at your choices as the opportunities for expansion that are always finding their way to you. So of the choices that are in front of me, which one looks like it has within it the greatest opportunity for expansion? And you can also look at your choices from the perspective of the greatest and highest good of all.

And we believe that it is possible to examine the choices with all three of those different perspectives in your consciousness. We believe that it is possible to be of service, to get your expansion, and to have the experience that will be the most enjoyable to you as an individual as well. You can see everything in your life as the opportunity for your own personal expansion, your own enjoyment, and the service work that so many of you are looking to do.

When you say that you don’t know what you are here to do, usually that implies that you are looking for something that you will do every day, consistently, and receive something in return for. And then with the rest of your day and the rest of your time, you will not have to think about what it is that you are doing so much. It will not be as though you are looking to be of service and to get your expansion in your leisure time activities. And we are telling you that you don’t need to make such a clear line of separation between what you do for your financial support and what you do with your leisure time. And you don’t have to make one about being of service and doing your expansion work and the other about your play time, your fun time.

Everything can be a combination of all of these things if you allow that to be possible for you. So this is why we recommend having the perspectives that we have outlined for everything that you do, for every decision that you make. We want you to live consciously, and we want you to take into consideration all of these different aspects of what it is you are doing. So if you are doing something that is traditionally something that you would for service, or something that you would do to expand your consciousness, why not make it fun too? Why not make it enjoyable? And if you are out to have to some fun, why not mix in a little of your desire to be of service?

There are no real differences here between those activities and between those perspectives that you have on what it is you are doing. But when you make those lines in the sand and you say, ‘This is when I am being my spiritual self, and this is when I am being my fun self, and this is what I am doing for income,’ then you create those barriers and you live in that segregated world. We are asking you to put it all together and to live an integrated life, one that you can enjoy and one that you can also feel is a spiritual endeavor, a spiritual quest, a spiritual journey. Living, loving, and laughing, all at the same time.”