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The Creators via Daniel Scranton, September 2nd, 2018

There Are Frequencies All Around You ∞The Creators

“Because there are a mixed bag of frequencies around you at every time, you really must be aware of what it is you are tuning yourselves to. You are swimming amidst a sea of frequencies, and each of them is available to you. You can choose the frequency that you wish to engage, or you can let it be chosen for you.

It is about staying present, knowing what it is you are feeling in your bodies, and taking very small steps to offer your frequency deliberately. You also are surrounded by physical objects, you are given opportunities to listen to various recordings, or live events. You have the ability to go to different websites, watch different television programs, you have some say about where it is you travel to in any given day. And all of these are also vibrational selections that you are making. This is also true about the food that you eat.

You may wish to ask yourselves about the frequency that something holds and whether or not it is compatible with the frequency you want to hold. Why are you choosing to do certain things, to eat certain things, to listen to certain things, to go to certain places? Are you doing what you are doing and choosing what you are choosing by default? Are you taking the path that is so well-trodden that any other seems to be a bit extreme?

We know that sooner or later you will begin to make these selections consciously, that you will become so aware of the frequencies that are all around you, and also aware of the frequency you are holding in your being-ness, that you will make these choices on a moment-by-moment basis. And we are simply encouraging you to make the moments that you choose your frequency a bit closer to one another.”