Love is our new reality

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The Elohim via Tarashtan, April 28th, 2020

Your Pregnant Pause | The Elohim via Tarashtan

28 April 2020

The Elohim via Tarashtan:

We are the Elohim, creators of worlds. We are close to you now as you recreate your own.

Feel the power and joy of collective re-creation: it is yours! Feel the pulsating heart of your planetary being, exultant in its rise to a higher plane. Feel the heavenly spaces opening above you as your feet press more deeply into the soil.

How we love the ongoing mass meditation of your covid-19 pandemic. Even as you appraise your stocks of hand sanitizer and toilet paper do you go deeper into the soul of things. We love the paradox of social distancing, which has brought you closer together. We adore your outrageous ingenuity: joining hands across the oceans in planetary communion while resting safely at home.

We see you delve into the essence of life. The suspension of worldly demands and diversions encourages you to follow your instincts: about the rest you need to take, the conversations that matter most, and the home baking that so gratifies.

Many fear illness and death, but still seize this opportunity to renew their lives. As you read and text and talk for hours over your smart devices, the very nature of reality is up for shared re-consideration; and all of you grow smarter by the day.

We love that your Economic Pause gives the air and water, the plants and animals, time to be cleansed and renewed. After all, they must also be groomed for New Earth.

We see nightmares flash across the screen of your collective consciousness: plague, poverty, imprisonment, war and ecocide. Yet as unity begins to coalesce, all forms of ignorance and suffering sputter to their natural end. The separation that breeds them now dissolves.

Your predatory ruling class – which has lived by your sweat and blood, your adulation and fear – is horrified to discover that its mandate has expired. As the light grows stronger, everyone must change. The docile and distracted must own up to their power and responsibility. Clever minds that take pride and satisfaction in mastering facts and theories must get to grips with the greater reality of spirit. And those who identify with spirit must face their shadows and self-deceptions.

How we love the mighty mass meditation of your covid-19 pandemic! How thrilled we are to cheer you on as you race toward the bottomless chasm and prepare to jump across. Your destiny is not death in the darkness below, but transmutation in a higher light.

We are the Elohim, creators of worlds. We feel so close to you as you recreate your own.

Nothing can stop you now.

–– Tarashtan