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The energy situation of the total lunar eclipse via Yujun in China, 2018.07.28

The energy situation of the total lunar eclipse
Channeled by Yujun,translated by Xiong 2018.07.28
A total lunar eclipse happened on July 28th, 2018, which has the maximum duration of this century. so, how about the energy running situation behind this astronomical phenomena? This kind of astronomical phenomena appeared in this kind of special time and space, also because its energy was relatively special, the universe has been blessing the whole sole system by energy, the sun, the earth and the moon formed a line, making the energy cut-through between the three faster and stronger. Through this phenomena, we make a observational data of the moon in that situation now.
The energy transformation situation of the moon we saw: already could not see clear the specific external matter kinosphere of the moon, totally a kind of energy showed in our eyes, and this kind of energy manifestation was a very perfect motional picture.
The moon was flashing, rotating and exploding fastly, the rays of light radiating from it was brilliant and clinking and pierced the space, the energy was very rich and consummate, in the space there were innumerable energy lines, which connected the moon, transporting energy into it. Today the moon seemed to be the focus of the whole sole system, all the astral energy were pouring into it, the energy of the universe also entered the moon continuously.
All the energy gathered in the core of the moon, fused, refined and exploded. Each position of the moon 360 degree roundly showed very stocky and bright energy aisles, also like energy caves, from outside could directly see all kinds of high frequency and consummate energy fusing, burning and refining from dynamic different planes. the energy formed a very big purple pink crystal by fusing, burning and refining inside the moon, the crystal cracked and burst, then rolled and rush out through energy pipes and caves, diffusing to all the star and planets of the whole sole system.
The energy of the moon purified a lot during this universal energy blessing to the earth, the energy matching changed, miscellaneous negative energy was burned up, the universal high level consummate energy replaced the imperfect energy of the moon. The energy rotationally spread and fluctuated from the central position to inside the moon and the space around, every rotation extended out countless energy waves, charging to the other stars of the sole system, made remarkably intense effect with them.
The energy situation of the moon: from the light state seen before, the rays of light, after countless explosion, transformed into a kind seemed like liquid, which was made up of trillions of consummate soft energy particles, every particles was vibrating and shaking in high frequency, running the internal energy, cleaning, upgrading and remoulding. The energy of the moon basically belong to feminine style, so after this kind of forging, generated a more rigidity and tenacity, temper force with grace, with impact force and crucial force. In the end observed that the moon resolved in energy state, spread out.
The change of the energy of the moon made inestimable effect with the earth which is very close to it. This moment the earth was in a all-round open state, all the energy channels, energy output and input points were opened unlimitedly, its internal energy rush out through this energy pipes, docked the energy of the moon and other stars in the sole system, after explosion, the energy rush back to the inside of the earth, went and return in following a circle, cleaning up its own energy.
The moon have made significant energy effect with the earth, as the nearest planet, the connection between the two very close. There are innumerable energy pipes between the earth and the moon, running through energy between each inside, the consummate energy run through every spatial dimension of the earth, material space on the earth, Citta of the human beings, purifying all things on earth. It’s a kind of high strength energy fusion.
We saw the energy of the moon cut through the earth’s surface into the core, fusing and docking link up, burst out innumerable energy vortex, with numerous weapons inside it, run into the whole body of mankind and burst out through the whole material space. It’s a very powerful strength for the opening and cleaning of the entire pipes of the earth. The energy run through cittas of the human beings, every cells, space, energy particles of every substance, with all kinds of weapons and instrument killing and getting rid of negative energy strongly.
The energy of the moon has very strong clean-up effect with all things on earth, now this effect has made a great breakthrough, making the awakening of the human consciousness and the opening of the entire earth a step forward. The human beings and universe worker on the earth should cherish every energy pouring into, which the universe gives the earth, in this process should dedicate themselves to the universal energy, purify themselves, at the same time receive and transform the energy into the suitable energy, change the earth and speed up the steps which the earth takes forward.
This was a strong blessing and remoulding with all the planets of the sole system. The high frequency energy of the universe run through and transformed inside every planets, changed into the suitable energy for the planets around and spread out, making the energy of the universe get efficient utilization and more perfect landing.