Love is our new reality

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The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, July 30, 2023

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, July 30, 2023

Hello, my friends. Once again, another week has flown by. One thing I find really odd these days is ‘time’. I know there is no such thing where you reside. Yet, here, for me and others, it seems, it’s all gone a bit bonkers. For instance, I can run my choir on a Monday eve. My sister stays and we chat … I see her the next afternoon and there is NO WAY to me, that it was only the night before that we were chatting, it seems like a week ago. What’s that all about?

Welcome, Blossom and Each one, that once again find themselves drawn to these conversations. It is the Energy Vibration within the Love in your Hearts that attracts you here, and as Each One allows the opening of their Heart to that which we bring through … expansion in/of many aspects takes place.

This is wonderful for us to FEEL.

Regarding the disappearance of time or, the speeding up of time, or, time being warped in your Awareness … this is due to the Newer Higher Energies that one is experiencing at this ‘time’.

Indeed, it may appear to one that an incident took place a few weeks ago, when in fact, it was yesterday … because the Vibration that one has ‘aspired’ to, is allowing time to ‘not get in the way’. For, it is not to be so much of a ‘thing’ anymore.

Is it not Blossom, that if one were to release ‘time’ from the memory, there would be a Greater Flow within the natural balance of the self?

Allowing happenings to take place in Natural Flow rather than concise timing and the desire to control outcomes and deadlines.

We understand that much of your Planet’s actions revolve around the clock … and there are certainly aspects that need to be conducted involving this ‘Sundial’.

Yet, the increasingly Higher Light Energies entering now, are making much change in many aspects of your Awareness. One of them being ‘Time warping.’

It is not something to be concerned about. It is a Good thing. It is a recognition of ‘Keeping up with the ‘times’.’

There is so much about ‘You’ … Each One … that is ‘rising to the occasion’. Much that is very subtle and hardly noticeable, because it has integrated itself into your Being in a gentle fashion and therefore, caused no disturbance.

Yet, there are other changes … would we say …  ‘releases’ … that can bring a full jolt to one’s system and leave them quite out of sorts for a ‘time’.

Once again, we ask you to look back at the ‘Old you’. The one that was stubborn … the one that was unforgiving … the one that had no ‘time’ for others and their positioning in this Movie … this play … whichever word you feel to use.

Well … I would call it ‘My life’! ‘My world’! I know it is ‘my life’ in this play … this movie, yet, nonetheless, although a game, as you also state … it is still very much ‘My life’ that I am living.

Yet, is it not these days, Blossom… that you feel detached from all the ‘goings on’ and just ‘Flow downstream’ … accepting what is … and not allowing emotions to take you to unnecessary depths that the ego mind wants to ‘sell to you’?

Correct Yes. And may I say, nicely put.

So, in those times do you not feel, would you not consider yourself to BE … an actor … playing out the role?

I see what you are saying … and actually choosing to be an actress in this lifetime, in this acting role, I can relate even more to the ‘Doing of’ … making it ‘Appear’ real … and yet, really only just ‘acting’.

Within that ‘acting’ … where are your feelings?

Oh, they are there, believe me. I don’t feel I am ‘hiding them’ or ‘ignoring them’ by Being in this flow. Yet, these days … there is more of an acceptance of what ‘IS’.

Where is there, Blossom?

I can’t really ‘put them’ in a place within me. I am unable to locate where they are now you have asked. I feel I should say ‘My heart’, yet, that’s also not quite right … is it?

We are certainly headed in the right direction with this conversation.

The more one is evolving …

the more one is recognizing the KNOWING of the GREATER SELF …

the more one becomes aware of the FEELINGS OF PURE LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE ALL …

Then … the more ‘time’ one resides in these Higher testimonials.

There is no longer the need to ‘delve’ into what one may have indulged in, in past situations … and wallowed in the ‘Why me … Poor me’ syndrome.

So many of you now have ‘passed that post’ … and are Aware of the TRUTH within.

And within that Truth … there is much letting go of the old indoctrinations and programs… which in turn …



Indeed. With respect for everyone’s ‘positioning on their journey’ … it is so much more obvious to those who have travelled far … for a long, long, time … and worn out many pairs of moccasins … the vast difference in Soul’s who have, so far, not chosen for themselves to ‘keep walking’. Those that settle and remain in ‘the norm’ and ‘do as they are told’ etc. Those that choose not to expand. In a way … as I say, with respect to them … and I guess, Gratitude … it helps those who have … to see how far they have actually come.

And does it matter to you, Blossom … where those others are … in terms of affecting you?

Good question. On a personal level, I say ‘Each to their own … None of my business … Send Love … in the knowing there are on their own path’. On a Grand scale level of lifting the Planet … some feel frustrated that others choose to remain as they are, and not involve themselves in this Exciting Awakening.

Some feel? Do ‘you’ feel frustrated?

Nope. It is what it is. They are who they are. Their choice.

Some feel that those who have buried their heads in the sand are hindering the process of Ascension.

Are they?

If YOU or anyone else feels the answer is Yes, then they are. If you feel the answer is No … then they are not.

You see, Blossom and all present …






So, in that sense there is no right or wrong … and I do mean ‘in that sense ‘ as opposed to going down deep rabbit holes of ‘right and wrongness’.

Correct. You were all given a brain. Given tools to think. What a gift.

Yet, most of all … you were given free will to choose how to use this gift.

YOU are not Robots.



When one taps into this consciousness of PURE LOVE … when one opens the door to it and walks through … one easily recognizes what that LOVE IS … and that ‘everything’ else is outside of that.

Not within it?

Let us say, that Love is the ‘paddle’ and everything else is the ball.

I knew you’d bring pickleball into it. I am addicted!

We are aware of this Blossom and are thrilled. The exercise is benefitting you greatly and therefore, ‘upping your game’ on all levels.

I Know!

So … The paddle is the Pure Love Consciousness and the Ball is everything else … The paddle hits the ball and the ball sets off on the trajectory of intent.

And we either score the point or we don’t!

And it doesn’t matter … for it is just a game.

I guess the biggest quandary for most of us is … we KNOW this … we GET this … we are more than willing to open the door and walk through, yet … we don’t seem to be able to. What is it that stops us from getting to that place that we all want to be?


That’s a joke, right?

No. Yet, we were hoping to amuse.

As opposed to confuse!

Blossom, in your world … in this moment … you are programmed and conditioned to ‘time’. Yet, as most people understand … it does not exist.

For we know everything is happening at once, even though we may find that hard to comprehend.

Precisely. It does not matter that you cannot comprehend it. For nothing matters.

I am indeed amused because I can feel that you are amused also, by popping in such depths of wisdom that you have spoken of in the past, such as ‘Nothing matters’ … and happily blowing our minds.

Or, stretching them … into the KNOWING that you already KNOW.

You may think we are talking in riddles, Blossom … yet, we are not. These are facts.

If it was to be ‘at this time’ that everyone was able to walk through the door … just like that … EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE.


Is it not changing all the time?

Certainly not the outcome … Strategies, perhaps.

I know there is so much … so much that we are unaware of regarding this Plan. Yet, Truly, at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter either. We know what we came to do and many of us, so many of us, are doing the best we can to fulfill that Joyful task and for now, that is all we need to know and just get on with it!

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Blossom.

Thank you. In Gratitude, In Loving service. I am.

Please may I ask you all to send prayers to my dear friend, Suzy Ward, who channels her son Matthew. She has experienced a heart attack and your Love and Healing Blessings will help her enormously. We Love you, Suzy. Get well soon.