Love is our new reality

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The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, June 19, 2022

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, June 19, 2022

Good morning. (As opposed to last week, when I should have put Good Moaning!) Ready to commence communication if it is deemed suitable?

We too, offer Greetings of a Light nature, Dearest Blossom, and All Souls who now connect with us on a regular basis. May we add to this, that as one returns more frequently … one’s Vibration builds upon each ‘review’ and therefore, the Feeling of Heightened Love is more readily accessed.

Well, that’s cool to know. And segues beautifully into a question someone asked regarding Dimensions, that was spoken of last week. ‘Is it possible in this 3D form to ‘match’ the frequency of another Dimension OR do we 3D humans have to wait (for the Event or Ascension) in order for our frequency/DNA to be raised to a point that we will ‘be able to’ match that/another frequency?’

Indeed, a formidable query and one we shall do our best to satisfy. Yet, ‘our’ question would be ‘Where to begin?’

Well, Julie Andrews would tell you to start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start.

As we spoke of, there are Frequencies and Dimensions within Frequencies and Dimensions!

A most intricate web of Energies that are a working system all of their own. It is correct in that one cannot … reside/enter into … a ‘place’ that is of a Higher Frequency from that which one Vibrates upon. On the rare occasions it happens, one immediately recognizes the feeling of discomfort and the Soul removes itself, so as not to cause any more of the same.

However, and we will try to keep this as simple as we can … to enter into a Higher plane whilst FULLY in 3D physicality, is not possible. YET … one CAN ‘visit other places’ of a Higher Vibrational Frequency ‘out of the body’ and yet, the ‘reality’ of such can be so extreme, that one ‘experiences the visit’, feeling as if they brought their 3D form with them.

Consider that the physical housing is ‘simply’ the vehicle in which the Soul can ‘live within’ in order to experience the 3D Realm. Yes, other Realms/Dimensions, also have ‘space’ for physicality, yet, other physicalities are made up differently to suit requirements of the Frequencies within that ‘space’.

To move on … the Soul visiting other dimensional ‘spaces’ is able to do so, depending of course, on the Truth of their Light and Knowing … and whether they are able to ‘match’ the Vibration of the space visited … BECAUSE the physical body is not holding them back.

I can feel my head being swamped and you not knowing what to address and in what order, so as not to confuse.

Correct. As many of you understand … upon arrival into/onto Planet Earth … simply by Being confined/encased in human form … there is a ‘cap limit’, so to speak, on one’s Vibration. Yet, it is so, that when a newborn sleeps … and this is why they do so much … for a time they are able to visit ‘Home’. Often, when they awake back into the 3D Frequency they cry, due to feeling uncomfortable at the ‘drop back down’ into their new reality … their lower resonance. It can take some, quite a while to adjust. Soothing music etc can help.

However, as the Soul spends more time within the Earthly Vibration the ‘limitations’ become more apparent … coupled with the ‘outrageous’ outages caused, due to interferences upon your Planet … it can appear sometimes, that all connection is indeed, lost or locked away.

I wasn’t sure about you using the word ‘outage’ , so I did the usual and googled. It said: ‘A period when a power supply or other service is not available or when equipment is closed down.’ As always, a most apt and appropriate word.

Thank you, for your diligence. So, it is through searching and the desire to feel the Vibration of Home, that one may embark upon their awakening.

It is through Peaceful thought and understanding …

through meditation …

through sleep … that one is able to feel more in line … more in tune, with the Higher Vibrations of their TRUE HOME.

When one meditates, they are able to often ‘reach heights’ within their Being that are not readily available when going about their daily business. Often, if the ‘KNOWING’ is strong enough, the act of meditation allows one to lift their spirits into a Higher Frequency, than before they began.

It is too complicated to explain in great depth. Yet, YOU and EACH ONE aware of their journey in human form … are here to raise the overall Vibration in the Dimension of your Planet.

That is quite an achievement. Think about it.

Through your LOVE for self and all things …

through your understanding of your mission …

through your perseverance and dedication …

through your determination …

YOU are actually allowing the Vibrational Frequency of the entire Planet to lift into a much Higher one.

And as much as it should be a walk in the park … it isn’t! More like a walk in the dark at times!

Strongest of the Strong, Blossom.

Imagine that.


THE POWER THAT IS WITHIN EACH ONE … used within the collective consciousness is capable of doing this.



Ok. So, how does that work? Is the Higher Vibration out there waiting for the Planet to slip into it … or … does it stay where it is and just become its own Higher Vibration?

As we mentioned before regarding ‘souls’, Blossom … it is the same with ‘anything’.

Your Planet ‘resides’ within its Vibrational Frequency of ‘where it is’ … due to its Vibrational Frequency.

One moment! Can we please abbreviate ‘Vibrational Frequency’ to VF? It’s driving me nuts having to type it each time.

Indeed. So, as ‘anything’ lifts its VF, it will sit within its ‘wavelengths’ … for want of explanation.

Be it an ant or a Planet.

We mentioned also, of ‘anywhere’ being ‘nowhere’. Yet, ‘nowhere’ in its infinity, encompasses multifaceted Dimensions and spaces of and within themselves.

Wherever in that ‘nowhere’ a particular VF is resonating … then when one is in tune with that VF … one indeed, will find it and move in.

I understand what you are saying, yet, it is all rather mind-blowing.

And we would add the complication of one creating one’s own reality within that Dimension.

Oh, please don’t! I’m gonna need a lie down in a minute, as it is! A recap then. One cannot be within a VF that they are not! Even when not in the body.

Correct. When one travels outside of the physical, be it when they have a physical experience taking place at ‘that time’ or not … they are unable to ‘slot in’ and ‘breathe in that air.’

Yet, you don’t mean that literally?

Don’t we?

I don’t know … do you?

You are correct, Blossom, it was more a way of trying to help one understand. We would continue by saying it is more to do with what each … ‘Planet/space/VF … calls ‘air’. For instance, to Aquatic Beings, their air is water … if you understand the flow of what we are saying?

Yes, I think so. Yet, then begs the question of those in experimental situations way out of our knowing and understanding, yet, I feel take place … how can one be transported via extremely advanced technology … wormhole/vortex … and arrive ‘elsewhere,’ if ‘elsewhere’ is not of the same VF as the ‘somewhere’ they left?

Not all ‘visits’ elsewhere … are to a /of a … Higher VF. Lower or different perhaps.

So, one can ‘easily’ reside in lower frequencies.

We wouldn’t say ‘easily’. Yet, one’s VF can drop. As we mentioned regarding our needing to lower our Frequency to communicate with you … because you are in physical form … upon a lower Vibrational Planet.

Yet, you are not visiting physically. Wormhole and such like visits do involve the physical, don’t they?

Yes. We feel your ‘mind’ is a little scrambled, with all these prospects and possibilities, Blossom.

You feel correctly.

Back to the Mantra.





At the end of the day … as much as we understand the inquisitive inquiries about many, many things that are not easily understood from your human perspective …


THE ONLY THING … one needs to REALLY KNOW … is that …






Do not allow confusion of not being able to understand things that you cannot … to ‘mar’ your Light and zap your Energy.



Julies Andrews AND The Stylistics all in one chat!

So, how could you not know yourself?

I don’t know! Thank you for your insight. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. … ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

For that is ALL and EVERYTHING that you are.

Much of it being sent from us to you. In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.