Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, December 22nd

DECEMBER 22 2015
3:30 PM MTN
It continues to be important to embrace gratitude, through giving appreciation for all the blessings that are always present in the now of this moment, where it is through gratitude and faith that you magnetize your intended desires, in which it is most important to let go of complaining and a feeling of lack and limitation as the infinite supply of abundance is always available to you and within you in the now.


Know that gratitude brings you into closer harmony and alignment with what you intend through your ability to manifest, in which gratitude is in essence also a transformative spiritual practice which allows you to create whatever it is you desire without failure.

Practicing gratitude within these transformative energies coming in through the central galactic sun system will raise ones frequency exponentially within an awake state into a state of inner peace, joy, harmony, abundance and unconditional love, into unity consciousness.

Cultivating gratitude daily will increase your peace, joy, love, passion for life, and an awareness of more to be grateful for, in which as you do this you can then see less and less of a need to complain about anything, where appreciation becomes stronger as a balanced expression, allowing more radiance and shine in abundance within in fullness.

I would like send my gratitude and endless appreciation to those of you who have supported my initiative to make a difference in assisting the less fortunate, to include souls who helped out with funds to allow these transmissions to continue. I am grateful to each and everyone of you for your unconditional support, including every individual who is friends with me through this advanced ascension platform and those who follow these transmissions and everyone who is not on this page, but still receives these transmissions and find them beneficial and very helpful; to you, I give gratitude.

Also giving gratitude to the Angelic Realms, The Creator, Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation of Light and all those who serve the Light… thank you for everything you do for the Earth and humanity. I am humbled to walk this path with you.