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The Galactic Federation of Light via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, November 9th

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

November 9 2015

Know that these transmissions are not about prophecies or future predictions as to what will follow to commence in linearity, but are more about assisting you to ground yourself in the now moment, beyond focus’s on ascension timelines and dates, as to what will unfold in the future;  as this now moment is all that exists.

These transmissions are created to prepare you in order to be calm and balanced as we of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light commence forth with our final plans to meet surface humanity for global contact in this now. Whereas this species has lived through various programs of fear and manipulation by the cabal, you can then see how many of your fellow humans will find what is happening difficult to comprehend without falling into fear and panic.  We are also aware that your cabal controlled mainstream media has created many ”Alien invasion” movies to obscure your minds from accepting our presence when this time of ascension and disclosure approaches.

We do not just do things; everything we do is done in what you might understand as steps. There are steps which need to be initiated in order to allow for a peaceful and calm transition in the disclosure of our Galactic presence. Many considerations are taken into account, as there is much to be dealt with in order to completely rid this world of all darkness and fear. This world you live in is infested with rogue beings who have been in power for thousands of years who are both of a terrestrial kind and extraterrestrial, where it is important to know that they have lost their power and yet will not go down without a fight.  They still persist to maintain their hold over you and this planet, so it is with this awareness that you might understand why we haven’t yet appeared in our millions of ships throughout the globe. These beings must be contained, along with all their operations dismantled, before this can fully happen. And yet we say to you that this day is near and close, as you will notice through the many ships appearing in your skies in their abundance daily.