Love is our new reality

The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, August 29th, 2022

It is the strong energies that are now hitting the Earth, especially in the northern part of the Earth, that have influenced many to feel hope for a brighter and more joyful future.

The Divine Plan is a catalyst for these energies and it is also influenced by the new matrix that replaces the old matrix in the third dimensional reality. This is something that has set a movement in motion with a great and important moment of getting this energy to give the vast majority of people a wonderful gift of heightened awareness and vibration.

The work behind the scenes has really paid off and together with these energies humanity has risen in love and compassion for the entire planet which shows that people are ripe now for proof that something is starting to happen on Earth and in the Universe. The light has risen so incredibly recently and with this upgrade of vibrations, people’s love for themselves and others has also increased significantly.

Within the next few weeks, things will happen that really prove all they have been told about miracles and visions in the sky with different meanings for all people, but these visions are still a positive event for everyone in terms of spiritual development. It also shows that something is really starting to happen that can give humanity hope for a brighter time than they had expected. This is due to humanity’s ability to look at reality with different eyes and understand that all this has an explanation.

The love and the light have never been stronger and we from all other civilizations look with wonder and joy at this development that humanity has finally received proof of Our Lord’s grace for human beings in the new world.

The Galactic Federation of Light

Many thanks. In loving service. I AM