Love is our new reality

The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, August 4th, 2023

It is an honor to be with you today and to give you all that love and encouragement for the endurance of each one. It begins to gather momentum as many openings and opportunities to get as many people as possible to open their eyes to another existence with higher perspectives in their lives. There are so many who have understood that what is happening in the world in the form of climate change, among other things, is created by those who are the dark ones in the world.

This means that more and more people understand that you are not alone in the Universe and that there are significantly more than what has been revealed in various revelations. The diversity of beings in the Universe is great and man is one of these beings. The fear of other beings has begun to give way, which is such a joy for all of us who follow humanity from the Universe and the hope is that everyone will feel the love that is conveyed in the form of energies to the population. Among many events, there is a very big event that will happen shortly and this event is a strong awakening for very many people.

It is time now that everyone on Earth gets a confirmation that there is a fantastic development in more and more knowledge that is being passed on to those who will develop technology in many areas. All people have gained a lot of knowledge already and it will be felt in what is manifested by what you dream about and which can feel like a miracle. “I see a large computer that has a floating screen and that is a computer that constantly shifts in different results of what people want. In this computer, no programs and formulas are needed, but everything happens with a logic that surpasses the most advanced computer that exists today and with a speed that results in an instant. I am told that it is a quantum computer that has many functions and is a closed system to prevent intrusion by criminal methods, which is a safe and secure system”.

This is part of the news that comes to the people and is something that needs to be clear as soon as possible. Everything is happening at breakneck speed and it may feel like a whirlwind is passing over the planet, but that is part of the ascension. Together with so much being cleared from both the Earth and the people, it is not so strange that it can feel confusing at times, which is also noticeable in the people’s behavior around the world where the unrest spreads like an avalanche. This occurs in all countries and no country will be outside of all these developments that can be felt for better or for worse. People have been waiting a long time to see a positive change on Earth, but it is not in the physical world that will illuminate the positive that is happening. It is within the people themselves that the biggest change comes, with a feeling that you know who you are and where you come from. This feeling is so important now that all the power is needed to fight the evil that exists in the world by saying no, now is enough. It is necessary to dare to speak out against inhumane proposals that affect the population in a devastating way, to cooperate and together bring about a change for the better for all.

It is extremely important that the people who have been chosen for tasks on Earth now begin to take command and lead the people towards an understanding that this is something that must happen in order for everyone to open their eyes to what is really going on. It has started with revelations via media that are not controlled by the dark ones and that become the power to really dare to make decisions that it is no longer possible to control and control the population. What will be revealed will have such an effect on the population and it is finally a catalyst for strong emotions to come from this, lifting the whole population with the light that is added.

This and much more, will be felt as miracles and is in the coming of Our Lord who through the Divine Plan holds the future of love and compassion for those who trust in Our Lord and themselves.

In light and Love

The Galactic Federation of Light

Many thanks