Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, February 10th, 2023


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It is high time to start looking around to get a new insight into where you are. Is it a new reality that has begun or is it the old era of chaos and unrest. Even now, those who have ascended to the fourth dimension can see what really is reality, especially in meditation. It is a completely different part of reality that shows what is also relevant on the other side of the web.

With the realization that developments on Earth are accelerating with so many changes in the climate and the Earth’s rotation in the Universe, it is both an amazing time and a confused time where everyone has to get used to these changes. There are more and more changes with difficult events that affect all countries on Earth in one way or another. More viral diseases are going to be something that everyone has to start getting used to, even if they are not fatal they are difficult for those who get them.

It is still such a large part of the population that has begun to understand how important it is to be positive in your thoughts and to really be a fellow human being for someone else who is having a hard time. Wanting to donate money or other things that enrich someone for an easier life is so important. Showing love and compassion is one of the most important things in this day and age. It really shows who you are as a person and development in spirituality and awareness was such a great desire of everyone before the incarnation on Earth. It was a desire to help Mother Earth in her need against the dark ones, but not just such a desire. Everyone who has incarnated on Earth in this time has also had a desire for a special life and development in their spirituality. Many people live their last life in this incarnation and no longer have to incarnate again if they don’t want to.

Life on Earth at this time is a time of difficulties but that will not last long. It wasn’t meant to take  this long before humans could leave this 3D reality, but with more and more dark beings invading Earth and wanting to keep it for their own gain, eventually this destruction of all resources that exist became unsustainable on earth. The Earth was dying and asking for help not to be eliminated along with the humans and many heard the cry for help, resulting in millions of people volunteering. The people who have been given the most important missions for the Universe and the Earth are the ones who will go to ascension in the first wave and these people are now starting to become seniors, which means that the time is stepped up even more for these people to have time to help so as many people as possible to accompany to the new world in the higher dimension. Those who go to ascension will go with their bodies intact to the other side of the web.

The people who will go to ascension in the first wave will have dreams of the new reality and gradually become accustomed to this reality which becomes more natural and obvious as time goes on. This is to help the people who want an explanation of what a new reality means and explain what they have to expect. At the same time, it is a way to help the people who want to ascend the bridge to the new world in a gentle way. The old programming is increasingly breaking down and many people are experiencing in their reality that they must get away from this low vibration. They are saved from the third dimension with their intuition of a disintegration and that a new era has taken place on Earth.

It is going faster and faster so that as many people as possible can join this ascension and many people are waking up in increasing numbers every day. It is a miracle that many beings following this ascension in the Universe had not counted on. The courage and determination that many people show in their actions against the dark in society shows the love for this planet and it is at the same time a manifestation that now enough is enough with contradictions and obstacles to the development of humanity. The justice that is to come and that concerns all injustice in the world, is something that will become a truth when much is revealed to the entire population. There are many who see the injustice that is happening in society to the population and who look forward to what has been stolen from the people being returned to the people.

The grace is great from Our Lord and so is the love for those who want to make this beautiful planet flourish again. The light from the great Central Sun is stronger than ever, which means that it is not far away from the experience of who you are and where you come from and the task you have on Earth. We follow this development closely and we love the amazing courage and strength of humanity.

Galactic Federation of Light

In gratitude. I AM