Love is our new reality

The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, July 13th, 2023

Due to the events on Earth when many people are demonstrating and protesting against the actions of the authorities against certain groups in the population, even more violent confrontations will break out.

Above all in Europe where massive demonstrations are already taking place and where more and more people are becoming frustrated with the actions of their rulers against the will of the population. They are elected by the people and are expected to listen to their population, especially when it concerns the part of the population who belong to other nationalities and who have come as refugees. Respect for different races within humanity has decreased and it will be a difficult summer in some countries in Europe due to great contradictions.

The climate will also change in Europe. In some countries the temperature rises dangerously high and people die from severe heat. This has been happening for many years, but in this time the temperature has risen to very high levels, showing that the Earth wants a change at a deep level. Everything that does not enrich will be burned up to make way for a new and healed Earth and this will be the hottest summer in a long time.

Due to this warm temperature, the arctic ice is melting more and more and from this ice the bacteria and viruses that have been frozen for thousands of years are released and many people are getting sick from polluted water from the sea. There will be many severe diseases that were previously thought to have been eradicated, but are now back to become relevant again for new toxic vaccines. It will be a very difficult time for the people of Europe with many deaths from viruses and bacteria from much more severe variants than the Covid virus. Trying to stay at home as much as possible to avoid infections that are airborne from other countries in the world and that spread very easily via the available means of transport is preferable this summer above all.

The economic situation in the world is in a vacuum and trying to save your money is not an investment due to the currency and systems being completely changed for the whole world. The program of the new economic system is very advanced and completely impossible to criminally manipulate and destroy because it is too advanced for humanity to understand. This program is organic with a base of quantum physics among other things, which means it is an absolutely safe system. This program will not be on Earth within the next few years, although it is possible to initiate it within a not too long time for the people to recover their funds that have been stolen from them. There is much that needs to be addressed, not only for the economic situation in the world, but also for life not to be so difficult in daily life and that is not so far off in time for a change.

The media will also become more truthful in their news, which is a positive development. They will bring news of a more positive nature which they have not been allowed to do so far. Reporting miracles that happen in the world is a way to give people hope for a brighter future and that means so much for the continuation of the Earth. Lies are being exposed even more and this control that the rulers have had is becoming more and more apparent as more and more people see through this game of protests and riots. The old programming is finished and no longer works for most people, even though it may appear to be the other way around. The light becomes more and more intense and the people or beings who cannot stand the light increasingly flee from Earth, either to the other side of the web or to another low vibrating planet.

The hope of a new world for everyone on Earth will be a true miracle in the near future and the love is great from all of us galactic and light beings from the Universe who celebrate humanity in their courage and strength.

In light and love

The Galactic Federation of Light


Channel: Inger Noren