Love is our new reality

The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, July 3d, 2023

Pray for the people in South and Central America because their countries will be shaken by earthquakes, which will hit the population very hard. Pray for the people of France who are affected by large demonstrations and civil war because of the way their government makes decisions for the people with great hardship as a result. Other countries in Europe are also affected by large riots from the population as new restrictions come from fearful leaders due to new virus attacks. Many people will leave the Earth to the other side of the web of these outbreaks from nature, but also in diseases and famine.

The great harvest time has begun of the seeds that our relatives once sowed and never saw the effect of, but now in this age has begun and the harvest will show who will come with them to the fifth dimension. It is a great harvest and those chosen to live on Earth are not that many, but most people and beings will go to the other side of the web and return when they are ready. It is the time of reckoning and many are those who will not continue to live on Earth, but go on to the other side of the web or to other planets for continued development.

This means that in the last time before Earth ascends to the fifth dimension, the harvest time is the greatest ever encountered on Earth. In this harvest time, it refers to many millions of people who leave the Earth and those who remain refer to those who will populate the Earth in a higher spirituality. Even now, these people are connected with like-minded people who will cooperate for a healthy and peaceful Earth, without war and more suffering for the population. It is a very difficult time for many people, but miracles have also occurred for many and there will be more and more miracles in the world as more and more people wake up to what is important in life and not what has been. Nothing can remain as it was in the third dimension. Everything must move on to higher consciousness and vibration on Earth as it will only be the fifth dimension or higher dimensions on this planet going forward.

Those people who need to continue in lower dimensions will continue on planets that have the third dimension for their continued development and will come back to Earth when they have attained higher consciousness and vibration. Life on Earth will then be very different compared to what they have gone through in the lower dimension. Everyone comes when they are ready and Earth is then the paradise it once was.

Everyone will be taken care of, no one will be left out or alone and the love that comes from the company of Heaven and follows the struggle of humans for their planet is beyond description. Humans are among the largest and strongest creatures in the entire Universe. This is a great and important message to the people. It can stir up many emotions, but it is necessary to be prepared that anything can happen in this time.

Galactic Federation of Light