Love is our new reality

The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, June 24th, 2023

Hi Inger, it’s been a while since we spoke and now we have a message regarding the situation in the world.

Russia’s action against the guerrilla groups that want to take over the country via the domestic military is very neutral. The Russian leader knows he will get all the help he needs to get rid of these evil people and creatures who want to eliminate the entire world’s population. He has given everything he can to get rid of the large bases in Ukraine that were engaged in experiments on women and children. It primarily referred to biological weapons that would be used on the rest of the population on Earth.

This will not happen and soon there will be a revelation about the President of Ukraine that is not so positive, leaving the world in shock and amazement. His crimes against humanity are so great that he will be arrested, which will be a big surprise in the Nordic countries above all. They will also be told that there are bases in every country on Earth that deal with similar crimes against humanity. It is something that many people are beginning to notice and they have been able to see through the blatantly lying agenda that many leaders have against their people.

It is now time to start looking at what is happening in the world in a different way and in that way not become so involved with negative emotions because what happens has to happen. The people have to get to the bottom of everything that is happening and then come back up and start visualizing a better world for everyone in the population. In that way, there is hope that humanity can forgive and understand why this development in such a negative spiral has been allowed to continue for so long. All this destruction to both people and the planet has come to an end to begin a future that refers to a harmonious and joyful time where people are happy in their lives. By distancing oneself from what is happening in unrest and conflict, it is a way to leave the three-dimensional reality and begin to see a new reality where freedom becomes a reality.

It is time to realize how the old structure has done its job and now a different and better structure awaits, which means a total change in compared to how it worked in the old programming. To realize that the new programming has completely different intentions for the population and to understand that one must leave the old programming behind if one wishes to move forward into higher development in spirituality corresponding to the vibration of the fifth dimension. This possibility is very close and with a vision of moving forward in development to the fifth dimension with one’s body, there is a greater understanding in comparison to how one experiences life in the lower dimension. Everything has taken time and even been delayed, but when humanity is in resonance with the higher vibration, what many are waiting for happens and it can happen very quickly. Be prepared people, this event comes at night as a big surprise and being prepared means being ready for a move to the higher dimension. We follow with excitement and give you all the love we can to give you strength and endurance because it may be needed. We are always with you, just a breath away.

In light and love

Galactic Federation of Light