Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, January 26th

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

January 26 2016

Know that myself Commander Vrillion, Commander Ashtar, Commander Altros of the Mushaba Nexus, Commander Hatonn, along with our Commander in Chief Christ Sananda have millions of our fleets seeing to it that there are no off-world activities of malevolant forces coming in or out of this planet. Those that have, so far, been allowed to leave, are those we have come to terms and agreement with. We have huge shield vessels surrounding the Earth to prevent any threat which might come to present itself. We have had no such threats so far.

Our scoutships are positioned throughout the globe in their numbers, where the Ashtar Command has full control over Earth’s air space. There will be no activity of your military’s aircrafts upon our mass decloaking when we reveal who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. It is important to know that one of your Goverment officials and leader will announce our presence, upon NESARA’S full enactment and disclosure to the people of Earth.

Know that our ships are equipped with highly advanced technologies that we intend to share with your civilization to heal the planet before it shifts into the Galactic Core within zero point. Some of our ships range from as huge as planets in your solar system, which are just beyond your orbit. We now have 13,000,000 fleets at our disposal to intervene anywhere on this planet where conflict impends.

We have, at this moment, a considerable amount of assistance from all over the multiverse to bring the tumultuous end of your cycle of duality to a happy conclusion.

These are not the end times for the Earth, but more, the End times for the dark cabal. We are on the verge of global world liberation. The light remains victorious.  World peace is indeed at hand.

We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for. Welcome to the new Golden Age of love and light.

It is important to continue grounding yourself within a balanced presence through embracing unconditional love within every moment of the Now and visualizing peace for the entire Earth in the emancipation from all the dark energy that still remains on the surface. Cultivating inner stillness is essential in maintaining calmness from all the drama within the outer holographic illusion.
Continuing to focus your energy on the dramas within the outer holographic illusion will manifest the results in what you focus on, as you are creating your reality within every moment through your intentions. What you resist will persist.  Whatever you feed with fear will manifest in more experiences based on something to fear; however, when you’re embracing peace and unconditional love, this energy then manifests itself in abundance, not only reaching and awakening those who exist around you, but the entire surface.

It is when more and more people embrace their essence, which is unconditional love, that this will trigger a mass consciousness which will awaken humanity in their numbers. As humanity awakens and comes into the realization of who they are and the power they posses as source beings, the cabal will create more propaganda through their controlled media to create fear in an attempt to convince you that they are still in control and in power. This is just an illusion they seek to maintain to get many who are still trapped within the mind to give out energy of fear. Any attempt to start martial law or a new world order based on tyranny are just fantasy; as we of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light have disabled all their missile weapons systems   which they intended to use in their conquest to create a world war which will not happen, along with all the manufactured nuclear weaponry of any nation. No furthur exlposions will be allowed to take place. Upon our announcement of contact, all guns and anything that detonates will be disabled. In effect, the light continues to be victorious.

Within our Motherships exists long translucent corridors with a plasma-based substance on the floors similar to water in distinction, where, on each floor, exists various rooms which serve a multitude of functions and operatives. There are evacuation rooms for emergencies, in case of any planetary affairs of diplomacy. Within these evacuation rooms exists huge parks with artificial lakes containing all manner of sentient lifeforms, healing centers, halls for cultural activities, a floor which consists of rooms for evacuees, quarters for dignitaries from all dimensions, for huge meetings similar to a podium, a huge wild life center for animals from various locations throughout the universe which is vast in land mass… universities, gardens, farm centers, supply rooms, medical centers, where our motherships are, in fact, similar to your cities.

It is important to know that our ships are literally living vessels of light. We do, in fact, refer to a city when providing any distinction of how it looks inside our conscious vessels of light, though not so similar to Earth cities, but similar in distinction to a city on Earth.  Our control center is one where it is piloted through conscious command in which there are no controls like a steering wheel or gears with buttons… you simply tell the ship what to do and it does so, which is a very advanced method of navigation. There also exists a sector for planetary species observation where everything is recorded onto our motherships’ crystal motherboards.  There also exists a room with all the smaller scoutships on deck which are used for patrol and near distance explorations.

Within every room exists an elevator which functions through an electromagnatic system, without a shuttle, but merely an entrance to the next room where you simply go onto the disc-formated courier and then levitate into the intended floor through simply communicating your intention to the computing system.

We continue to monitor the surface of your world to ensure that all threats are eliminated beforehand – before any wars in place takes a very serious direction in eventually leading this civilization to extinction. Any use of atomic weapons would not only destroy the Earth but would also cause major implications relating to this universe’s space time continuum.   Not only would this tear the fabric of space itself, but would create a major imbalance that would open various uncontrollable blackholes throughout space which would then swallow everything on their path, meaning… this would mark the end of your sun sol, the solar system would break down and there would be extreme space weather conditions affecting galaxies and other neighbouring galaxies and worlds webbed to the Milky Way Galactic Region of space.