Love is our new reality

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The Group: Building a Triad of Love March 20, 2023 

The Group: Building a Triad of Love

by Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones.

I am eM and I join you in the most wondrous of times. You have worked a very long time to create your reality. Let me tell you, this is not the first go round. All of you have been here over and over and over again. You’ve been investing your time and energy—your spirit—in an opportunity to create something very magical. And you have done so, dear ones. Now what is taking place is that the game is changing. It’s very simple; you’ve reached the end of a game. But you’ve done this before, it isn’t the first time you’ve reached this level. The interesting part is that you now have the ability to walk into this consciously, and that has never happened before.

As we work with you in these new energies, we will share opportunities for you to see yourself from a different perspective and then build a solid base from which to grow. All of you have imprints that you’ve carried in your bodysuit, and some of these are from energy stamps you’ve received. An energy matrix is the way that you’re naturally wired, but an energy stamp is when something happens to you. When an event changes you a little bit, it stamps you with energy. Then you carry that energy stamp in your body suit, but now you can release these.

Some of you are having physical challenges, but that’s part of being human. Oh, don’t you love that part? One of the greatest opportunities you now have is to straighten out your own crinkled energy lines. You have this beautiful torus that goes around your physical being, carrying you through time-space. It’s actually what creates the illusion of time in which you live. The lines of the torus flow through your heart chakra. Every time you have an experience, it hits the outside of these lines. Most often these are positive experiences. You’re going through life, integrating with other people, and those people have an effect on you and your body suit. In reality, everything that you work with has an effect on your life in some way.

Everyone and Everything Is Connected

Astrology tells you that every single planet out there is affected by every other planet. Often humans can’t find the planet they’re looking for. However, they can see the effect that the gravitational field has on other planets. Everything in the universe is connected in that way, dear ones, you have that same connection. When you have energy stamps, something frightening or even quite traumatic has happened to you. Instead of these beautiful straight lines of connection that you have coming though, the energy stamps crinkle those lines. And when the jagged energy lines start to make their way through your heart chakra, it hurts. Sometimes you don’t even want to run the energy through because it hurts too much. So, you just pretend that it’s not there. You run the cycles of energy outside, instead of bringing them through your heart chakra.

Yes, dear ones, you are very imaginative about how you deal with these negative energies. But now you can release a lot of that, because the one thing that you have in common with every other being is that you’re a part of each other. You all bring something from Home to Earth, so you are naturally wired for certain aspects such as harmony. You actually have to learn how to be out of harmonics and how to put up walls. Often these walls are a natural defense or the result of your empathic abilities. You are trying to keep the lines of your torus straight, so to protect yourself you either put up your walls or you pull back your energy. Although your torus will help smooth out the crinkles, you don’t want to entirely lose the experience that created the energy stamp. Those crinkled lines are now part of your personality, and they give you the opportunity to express yourself as a spirit through a body suit on planet Earth.

The Healing Circle

Close your eyes for a moment, dear ones, and let’s begin this healing circle. In the very beginning we’re going to put the healing circle into a time bubble. And what that simply means is that every time anyone comes to this, they’ll be with you in the current time. That allows you all to combine your energies in different ways. Everyone that comes through this time bubble and watches at a later time also adds their energy to it. Many of you will be coming in looking for a healing. You may have an issue that you want to heal, yet you may leave the circle without that being completely healed. But then suddenly a week later you’re healed, because another person came in to reach that critical mass of healing energy. Every time a new person joins the circle they’re adding their energy.

So with that, expect a miracle and we will help you create it. If you have energies on a physical level or emotional scar tissues that you’d like to resolve, this is a perfect time to do it. If you have things that you are working with from energy stamps, even from previous lifetimes, it is possible to start releasing all of those things. Dear ones, we’re not here to fully integrate all of your experiences. Please understand that even your negative experiences do not erase, for you took on those things for a reason. Many were by contract, so we don’t take those away from you. What we do is to help you smooth out the lines of your torus. You still have that memory and experience when it goes through your heart chakra, but it doesn’t have to be painful. You can still hold on to all of your aspects and find the highest possibility of each one.

Today we’re going to ask those of you who wish to do so, to step forward into the healing circle. If you are in the room with other people, you can take their hands. Or if not, just hold out your energetic hands and expect them to be taken by one of these many light workers that are now working with this energy. Take a breath; feel the energy as it moves out of your right hand and into your left hand. Feel the energy starting to move in a big circle all the way around planet Earth.

Now we’re going to speed it up and make that energy move a little faster, as it goes through from one hand to the other. Feel it pulsing as it moves across your heart. Feel it as it goes through every part of you. You are straightening out many of the crinkled lines of your torus, even many of the things that have caused you pain in recent times. Allow that to happen right now, allow all of us to help you straighten out those lines.

Now take a deep breath and release it very slowly. Anchor that in. When you are open for healing, since this is an in a time bubble, it will continue to heal. Every time someone puts their energy into this healing circle, you’ll be a direct recipient of that energy. It’s an opportunity for you to walk in the highest potential on planet Earth, to be able to let your spirit come out and shine through your eyes. Every time you smile you spread light on the planet, not just for you but for other people as well. So, take a deep breath and release it slowly. For those of you on the outside of the healing circle, open your heart chakra completely and send everything into the circle.

Connecting the Hearts

Feel that beautiful energy, feel that light. How much love you can carry? If you’re not receiving it, you’re giving it. Both are incredible gifts because they involve love. While this portal is open, how much love can you hold in your body suit? How much love can you express? Those may be the key to keeping this portal open. Take a deep breath and release it slowly. For those of you who are in the center of the circle, know that your healing will continue.

You are magical beings, dear ones, but you don’t always see that in yourselves. We try to share the different views and perspectives from spirit, of who you truly are and what you’re doing. You are grand masters, each and every one of you, learning to play a game of pretending to be human. Sometimes you take the game too seriously, but that is a normal reaction for humanity. And yes, there are parts of it that are very serious. Yet there are also parts that you’re supposed to be having fun with. And that’s the key we’re going to leave you with this day, at every opportunity enjoy your life.

The Tavern of Light

I am eM and my job at Home has to do with running the Tavern of Light. I’m the one who works with all the people that come through to start building their lives. Before you enter the Earth game, you make plans. You bring all your friends together and make agreements about what you’re going to do when you come to planet Earth. Sometimes those discussions become heated and full of frustration, at which point it’s my job to come in and let out a big belly laugh. It takes you to a higher level when you hear one of those laughs, and everybody sort of laugh and comes along with me for just that moment. Then they come back and get to work, but with a refreshed energy and a perspective of humor. Dear ones, laughter is the language of angels. Take a deep breath; you can almost hear the grand laughter from the Tavern of Light.

Yes, we’ve got you. Carry that love, carry that energy. You are magical beings and I love each and every one of you. Well done, dear ones. Now I leave you for a time and Merlia will come in to work with you. I ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together as you’re creating this whole new level of the game. And I will leave you with that little laugh, “He, he!”

Greetings, dear ones, I am Merlia. I am so honored to be joining your game in progress. You are moving so quickly now. All of humanity is starting to evolve at an incredible pace, as is the Earth herself. After reaching the 8 billion mark, she has been making decisions about what will happen next. As we mentioned, you have a portal opening. It’s a powerful opportunity to step up into the next level of existence before it’s necessary to do so. Yes, dear ones, you have an opportunity to move consciously instead of being forced into a new energy.

Quantum Entanglement

With quantum entanglement, two particles are entangled in such way that they instantly react to one another.  Movements in one are simultaneously mirrored in the other, and their interaction is so fast that it breaks Einstein’s theory of general relativity. These reactions are seemingly faster than the speed of light, which was forbidden in Einstein’s revolutionary work. The latest leaps in technology are in what is called the quantum computer, which is designed to run off of the principle of quantum entanglement. In reality, everything everywhere is entangled. It’s absolutely magical when you can actually see the connection and how one thing affects the other.

You have not yet found the Unified Field Theory, because it’s still only a theory at this point. It simply means that the same things which happen inside the atom, also happen outside the atom in the universe. In other words, as planets circle around your sun, electrons circle around a nucleus of protons and neutrons. So, there are things that connect with everything else. Essentially, both everything and everyone are connected.

Biases and Triggers

Every human has certain innate biases, things that you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with sometimes. We’re going to be working with that and with the body suits themselves, to show you some of those biases and how they can actually work in a positive way. Some biases have actually ensured the survival of humanity many times. We’re not even going to call the biases right or wrong, good or bad. Quite simply, you have built these into your body suit to help control how things work. You have the consciousness to be able to change any part of that at any time. We’ll share with you ways of changing the automatic systems. So, instead of being triggered to buy something or to vote a certain way, the idea is that you can plant your own triggers to bring you to the next level. We’ll be working with the body suits as a modality later. First, we’d like to help you plant a trigger that can be very powerful for all of humanity.

The trigger has a triad base, a simple base of three. A triangle is one of the most powerful and stable energies that you can use in your physical world. Your entire universe is built on threes: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 51, 54, 57 and 60. When you build on your base of threes, you create a triad. There is also the yin yang triad that you can balance in new ways. Especially now, creating balance will help you to step forward.

Creating the Triad

My suggestion is to build the first triad of people and energy in your field. What we’re going to ask you to do is build a base. Find two other people in your field that you can bounce ideas off of and have deep discussions with. They can bring in different perspectives, but you do not always have to agree on everything. Even if you end up disagreeing on a subject you can still balance with them. Most of the time this base will be very supportive and you will all be entangled in different ways. Re-member, open-mindedness is a natural healer of separation.

In effect, your triad is an energetic base that you can work with, move through and evolve into. As the portal opens on planet Earth, you will have more opportunities to create and move forward into the energy. This can be incredibly powerful. Do these other people need to believe in the same things that you do? Do they even need to know about this portal? No, they actually don’t. Sometimes it’s even helpful to have a base of energy that doesn’t always think the same way that you do. That’s what we try to do with you, to show you a different perspective of spirit. Some things that you can’t always see, because of your limited vision as a human.

When you find these two other people in your field, the way to entangle them is through love. Whether they realize it or not, you will find ways of sending them love. You may decide to choose a friend or relative of yours, even someone physically located at a great distance. But they’re close to you energetically and you basically trust them. Do they need to know that they are grounded in that energy? Yes, that’s very helpful.

There’s a tremendous amount of division happening on planet Earth. Many times it’s actually being propagated intentionally, to take away some of your power. Because when you are divided, you are much less powerful. But please understand dear ones, if you are on a side of something, you’ve already been divided. This is something that’s very normal on your planet at this time. You don’t need to try and reconcile that in any way. Again, you don’t have to be on the same side as these other people in your triad, whatever sides they might be. You may even have great differences on how you see the world. Yet, if they are in integrity with themselves then they can still be one of these people. So, what is integrity?

Four Vibrational Lines

From our perspective there are four lines of vibrational integrity: what you think, what you feel, how you act, and what you believe. When those four lines of integrity are together, you are sending out an integrated line that reflects back a very clear signal from the universe. It’s how you create as creator beings. Become aware of your own four lines. But also look to the two people you’ve selected to work with and examine their lines. Their beliefs have to be in harmony with their actions, with what they think and how they feel. These are the key elements to look for when you are building this triad.

And the triad of love can be exactly that. It has to be unconditional, because all love truly is. And yes, we know that’s very difficult for humans to completely grasp. Even your own marriage vows are basically a statement of conditional love. “I will love you if…. I will love you when….” Quite simply, the idea is that love is love is love. Open up and find two other people that you can work with, and look at from time to time. That’s very helpful so that you can see how much you’re moving in relation to the rest of the world. Your triad of love can be very powerful to build. Re-member, the one thing that you need to have in common is the ability to send them love. Fall in unconditional love with their spirit.

The Science of Love

Love itself is very confusing, so we’re going to be working with that quite a bit. We’ll be working with relationships, sex, and a lot of the forms of communication used to express love on your planet. But please understand, dear ones, no matter what your belief system is or what side of an argument they’re on, when you finally see their spirit you fall in love. Yes, that can be confusing. Many people believe that they can only fall in love with or focus their love on one person. Or they believe that they can only express love in a sexual relationship. In reality, you love everyone slightly differently. You love them for who they are. So it’s entirely possible to fall in love with many people. And that’s what we’re going to ask you to do.

As you’re building your triad of love, find things that you can fall in love with them about. Maybe you like the way their style, their ability to make music, or their talent for art. Find things that you can fall in love with about these people, then build that base. Yes, it’s helpful if you tell them that you’re actually using them as a base of your energy, as a love triad to ground your spirit. Can some of these be children? Yes, dear ones, children are incredibly integrated. They actually have much less difficulty with those four vibrational lines of integrity than adults generally do. But again, tell them you’re using them in your triad. Even if you simply say, “I really appreciate you and I love who you are in this world. I’m going to keep my eye on that, because you are a role model for me.” To be able to tell someone that changes your relationship with them. They actually raise their vibration in your presence, changing to create the person that you are looking for.

So, what takes place when you tell someone that they are beautiful? Very simply, they become more beautiful. The more that you show that to them, the more beautiful they become to you. It is a heightened ability in life that allows one to search for beauty in everything. Anything that you can do to empower your triad will help each of you in your next steps. This is the triad of love, and we can share with you how to build it. This is how you can change the energy on planet Earth, build a base to move forward with. The triad has no conditions placed upon it, because you do not expect anything from the others except to know, love and communicate with them.

You just want them in your life, it’s that simple. You want to communicate with them. Build that triad and start working with that right away. And then, of course, when you’re finished be sure to tell them “Thank you! You were an incredible gift to me during this time of growth.” Let them know that they were there to help hold you in place, while allowing your spirit to grow and evolve very quickly. It’s now time, dear ones. You’ve waited a very long time to be here on Earth at this very moment.

Many of you have positioned everything in your life in order to be able to do this. You made it, welcome Home. Treat each other with respect, for you are looking in the eyes of God. Nurture one another. At every opportunity hold those doors open, because you’re holding them open for yourself. You are entangled with all of them, so don’t forget to play well together. You’re recreating a new game and you’ll be writing the rules as you go, changing a lot of things. Do not fear it, dear ones, build a base from which to grow and enjoy the journey.

I am Merlia, the feminine aspect of the Merlin energy, and I love you dearly. Come up and see me sometime.