Love is our new reality

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The Group via Steve Rother, April 25th, 2018

Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time and I bring you a little story about harmony. Understand that harmony is the sixth plane. Humans have a wave pattern for everything on your side of the veil. Each wave has a frequency to it, as it travels up and down, forward or backwards. That is the frequency of your wave, or your tone. Every part of your body has a slightly different wave and vibration, and yet you have a signature vibration which you send out into the world at all times. Can you alter it? Yes, of course you can. Just having different thoughts can help to open those waves so that you can more easily harmonize with other people.

In our collective channel earlier, we shared with you that the collective vibration of humanity has risen although you do not see the results of that. You had been moving apart in this huge wave of separation, but as that is starting to change you’ll have the opportunity to form unity. It is helpful to keep in mind that unity is your natural state. That is the first dimension that you lived in; you were not separate from each other. Instead, you’re all a part of each other. It’s very difficult for you to understand or even grasp the concept of that while you are pretending to be separate, but that is what you’ve done. You have gained your own individual personalities, which we adore. We find that not only fascinating but beautiful. When you return home, you will bring that beautiful core personality with you and even as a spirit, you will still laugh at the same jokes, have the same energies, see and believe some of the same things. However, your humanness will be left behind; your fears and your energy that did not harmonize with a larger collective spirit of who you are.

This harmony can be seen in the area of relationships. Look at a relationship as if it were keys on a piano keyboard. Everyone thinks that they must find a relationship, in which they’re playing exactly the same note as their partner. If you are playing the same note time and time again, although it is validating, it is also rather boring. So, you try to get very close on the keyboard and end up playing chopsticks, which is tolerable, but aggravating. It is not until you move a comfortable distance apart on the keyboard that you can strike a chord and find harmony. In effect, you move out of dissonance and into harmony.

That is what we’re looking for as you ground yourself in this new vibrational light. It is coming, dear ones, as we have mentioned before. We already see the changes occurring on the vibrational level, and now it is up to humans to anchor those changes. How does one do that? You look for harmony. You look for those ways in which you are alike, rather than the ways in which you are separate. Even as you play different notes on the keyboard, look for harmony. Yes, we’ve said that many times before but over the next several months it is going to be even more critical. Many of you have been concerned that there are so many of you that have differing views. You think one way, yet how can you harmonize with those who have a different view? Over here you are conservative, yet over there you are liberal. Is anyone right?

No, not as long as you are that far apart. The separation has become so incredible during these times that we wonder if you even are playing on the same keyboard.  You have moved into the fifth dimension and a wave of fear has swept over this planet. Besides that, Earth was pushed into timeline at a very inappropriate time during a cosmic event. A quasar exploded and sent a wave of energy that hit Earth at a very awkward time. Ripples of the wave impacted people in such a way that it caused them to try to hang onto their old truths and ideas, in an attempt to prove themselves right. Can you prove yourself right?  Of course you can. As a conscious creator you can believe anything that you wish to and hang onto whatever truth you hold, but is there harmony? That’s the biggest question at this point.

How much harmony can you find in one another? Here you have a person who watches a certain television station, and over there another person watches a different one. Their belief systems are so far apart that they cannot come together. So, what can you learn from this person? That’s the first way to find a harmony. Will you agree on things? Probably not. But if you can find those areas that you do agree on, that starts a harmonic wave in motion. Over the next several months, this will be critical for all humans on Earth. You can pretend to still be separate and divided, with huge amounts of space in between your understanding of each other. Or you can start to find whatever little harmonies there are. Whatever it is, there’s always something you can learn from another person if you look. That will be a challenge to you, at least over the next seven months. There will be opportunities for harmony of all humanity that you did not have just a short time ago. If you are able to achieve such harmony in mass, you’ll return to what you had in the days of Lemuria. You will rediscover that magic ability to communicate even long distances without words and without the technologies that you currently need for that.

You will be able to eradicate much of this ambient energy which floats around and causes so much frustration. Sometimes people act out and explode into road rage or other acts of violence, such as mass shootings. People often do crazy things, just because they cannot hold that intense energy any longer.  But how does one work with somebody of that nature? By listening, talking and focusing on that one piece that you can agree on. That one tiny piece, no matter how small it is, makes all the difference. Once you find it, you can expand upon it and work with it. You have now formed a bond and unity that you not share any other way. That’s what’s coming for all, dear ones. You will have an opportunity to step into a morphogenic body to be able to shift into a new light frame to hold more light in your body than you ever have before. This will begin a luminous lifestyle that allows you to step into any circumstance and find harmony.

When that happens, you become magical. Are people going to fear you? Sometimes you are in this harmony that others have tried so desperately to reach not knowing how to do it, but then you just walk right in and find it. Yes, people can be afraid of that, but it is not your job to worry about it.

The Family of E

You are all well-trained, even though you may not understand it. You are from the family of E with which the Keeper has spoken. Many of you want to know what that E stands for. Well, wish I could tell you but there actually are is no single word in your languages to define it. You can call it “empowerment” or “evolution.” Yes, you can call it by all the empowering words you know and that will be close. It may also be helpful to know that e is the most common sound in all languages.

Many have come in with those reminders all around them. Some of you have e’s in your name, which are pronounced loudly. If you have a name that doesn’t include an e, sometimes you shorten it and add one, so that Sandra becomes Sandy.  These are all gentle reminders of what you are doing here, who you really are and what harmony truly is. You can find these over the next seven months with all this energy coming in, through the 22 waves that are approaching and landing on planet earth during this next year.  This will bring huge changes for everyone. If you can find ways of introducing that harmony for yourself, many of you will turn around and teach it to others because that is your nature. What is important is you are forming a sphere of harmony around you in all dimensions. Once you learn how to do that, the world is open to you.

You have now landed in the fifth dimension and you have abilities of conscious creation. So far, very few people have exercised this in the way that you will in a very short time from now for it will become commonplace. What you have experienced before with people who could do magic in some way was a singular magic. Oh, dear ones, you know something special. You would say they are given a gift, but you don’t know if you can have that same gift. Maybe you even put them on a pedestal, but dear ones, what would happen if every person on earth woke up tomorrow with the gift of finding harmony in everything?  You would be returning to the days of the Lemuria, back to the times of a very simplistic lifestyle.

Communicating through Harmonic Resonance

You will be working with an entirely different potential, which will help you move very quickly.  You are now evolving as you carry the morphogenic lifestyle, a luminosity that would simply imprint everyone else. Does that mean that your vibration is going to take over? No, that doesn’t happen. It means you can find a resonance with the vibrations.  The Keeper plays guitar and he keeps it on a stand in the corner, even though he does not play it very often.  If you sit at the piano in the same room as a guitar and hit an e-note on the piano, the two e-strings on the guitar start to vibrate. That’s a beautiful harmonic resonance. The string inside the piano is much, much longer than the string on the guitar, but they are in harmonic balance. Finding this resonance will become more important as humanity evolves.  There are those who speak words that you cannot even hear, while some speak words that you absolutely disagree with. Does it mean you don’t listen to them at all? If you were to listen and find the one or two things that you can actually agree with then you could even gain something from an interaction that you would have missed otherwise. Dear ones, it takes time, patience and practice to find harmonic resonance at every opportunity.

This is the time to help others awaken from the dream, to grasp the energy, to step forward into a whole new light. Dear ones, you’re working with these dense physical bodies and we tell you in a very short time, you will learn how to stop the aging process. It’s easier than you think. Most of you already hold the key to this. You simply have not put it into use into fifth dimension.

As more and more people start grounding a fifth dimensional reality, it will be acceptable and easier to communicate this way. It will happen very quickly. Have you noticed how quickly things change on your planet now? Things that have gone on for years are suddenly viewed in a different way. A critical mass is now reached easily. Suddenly everybody is on board. Why didn’t we do that before?  One of the critical mass triggers is moving into this morphogenic body where you can carry more light. Is it a day that you will wake up and find things have changed? Is it a process? Is it an activation that you will go through to get there? No, dear ones, it happens one moment at a time. You’re starting the process right now. Most of you have been working on this for some time. You may call it by different words. You may speak of it in different ways, but simply beginning because your physical dense body that you hold right now starting to hold more light.

What if you substituted that word light for love? How much love can you hold? We tell you, dear ones, most of you are only at one percent of what you’re being can hold.  What happens when you overload yourself with that much love? Do you lose your unique personality? No, you become like those in the days of the Lemuria with completely open hearts where you can tap into anything at any moment. Does it mean you must carry the pain of another? Does it mean you must feel all the things to try to avoid now? No. You can select where you focus. You can select what you work with and where you can be of the highest harmony. It requires an awareness of harmony.

The next time a new person comes into your field, whether it’s a person you’re actually going to work with in person or someone you’re going to watch on television, wherever it is, immediately sense their vibration. Immediately find out how much harmony you have for them right off the bat. Then step aside, take a couple of breaths, come back in and find what harmony you can find. You will be amazed at how much more harmony you can find in an otherwise dissonant situation.

Now, this next seven months is going to be very critical. The majority of the 22 waves are coming in during that time and you’re going to see some very interesting things take place. You’re will also experience some movement in the opposite direction, which can be either quickly eradicated or harmonized. Start moving together whenever possible. We have great hopes for what you can do during this time, for the Earth is yours. Humanity is yours and this is your experiment. It is your game, and in reality, you even wrote the rules for the game. Now you will change whatever is needed to start returning to the unity process again. Those things that pull you together, those harmonies that you can find to bring you back into a likeness of the first dimension when you were all one, will be supported. That which used to separate you will no longer be. Although they will still exist, they simply cannot in the same way as you step up.  Play the game joyfully, dear ones. We ask you to remember three little things. Treat each other with the greatest of respect, for you are all masters. Nurture one another when every possible, every single person and no matter what their harmony is in relation to you. Enjoy the game as you play it well together.

Espavo, dear ones,

I am the Keeper of Time.